Desire of Russian women to escape abroad

Many girls and women dream to leave Russia for a “civilized” country and to marry a prince there. To help them to do this the Internet has created many dating sites. I’m not going to rant a lot, but I’ll talk rather about women who strenuously strive to move to other countries.

First, you need to answer the question why Russian women want foreigner for a husband? Some answers are given by Russian men, so they might be true, partially true or even false as might be biased, because of offense average Russian male gets as the man, when women of his country prefer foreigner instead of him.

Anyway, the answers are:

Stupefying foreign “special effects.” Coming to spend vacation in a “civilized” country as average tourist, it seems that somewhere people are living far more “cultural” than at home. But in fact it is much more difficult. (Reminding you were reading the opinion of Russian man on this issue and must say, yes, in many countries people leave more civilized, value culture and respect others’ opinion unlike in most of Russia).

Uncultured Russian men drink, and by their nature they are lazy; Russian man is the one who lies on the stove for a day just doing nothing. This is an outdated myth same as bears, vodka and balalaika. Thousands of idle suitors in Russia are looking for their beloved.(But they never find LOL)

The American Dream! Many Russian women through marriage are trying to get the U.S. citizenship.

Why Russian men advice Russian women do not go abroad for permanent living?

Birth aspect. Many foreign grooms are considering Russian women as “sow”. They want a beautiful girl gave birth to their child. If then she gets accustomed to the groom, it’s ok, if no, foreign husband would tell her “goodbye”.

The moral aspect. In pursuit of the “American dream” Russian women go too far sometimes. But what is the attitude to them after an immoral step? Many of these girls are not different from those who got into show business through the bed.

Selfish goals. For example, in Turkey men do not hide the fact that they take the profit by marrying Russian women. Just because they do not have to pay the bride’s parents a bribe and often Russian wife is willing to work for her husband.

Everyone forgets their own happiness. Chances are low that having US husband or suddenly becoming American would solve most of the problems of Russian woman… or it would? There are problems in the democratic America the same as and in poor Russia. For some it may seem strange, but the problems are the same everywhere in the world.

The deterioration of the gene pool. In the 16th century, Europe had burned its beauties (witches) on a fire and destroyed part of their gene pool. Now they are trying to recreate it with the Russian beauties.

Deviations choices. Many foreign suitors who are seeking foreign brides have either mental or sexual deviations. If a man cannot find a mate in the society in which he lives, maybe, “thanks” to his deviations, he would look for a woman who considers him as “needed” and no one will be able to recognize his true intentions.

Mentality. For example, German punctuality sometimes reaches the point of absurdity. Many Italian men are mamma’s sons and unquestioningly obey their mother and love her more than anyone else. If Russia is known as country of generous people and Russian men are never skimp on gifts for women they love, the French are one of the most avaricious nations.

Different religions. In addition to the tradition of the country and the people, there are religions and confessions. In Russia, all religions live together like sisters, for example, there are thousands of religiously mixed families in Russian province of Tatarstan. However, times are changing as Russian Orthodox Church is supported by state as the only “true Russian”. But how would you imagine religiously mixed family in Turkey or Egypt?

In Russia it is accepted to marry for love. Those feelings and attitudes after the meeting and communication over the Internet cannot be called love. This could be called interest, symbiosis, even… prostitution, but not love.

So, we have seen the reaction of Russian men on harsh reality and reasons why their women are leaving abroad. To my mind, it is better to make life in Russia of such level that women would not like to leave the country in search of better life. Russian women leave country because their men are often not able to earn to survive! I mean, to buy food, clothes, bringing up children. Young girls see this from childhood and do not wish themselves to have the same life as they have seen their mothers have had. And it is not going about lazy Russian man, because such man could work day and night, but he would be unable to earn much. The problem is in the model or structure of the society and in the mentality. Russian society is very corrupted and has tons of autocracy. As we said before, many foreigners notice people in Russia are either very rich or very poor and there is no middle class. As you may guess, the “rich segment” of the society includes very few people and the rest are poor. This all leads to the situation we have today: Russian women are trying to escape abroad for better life and to be sure in tomorrow day. To change this situation could situation when level of life in Russia would be equal to Western European, American etc. By the way, real situation in Russia you may see if analyze, which countries Russian ladies are escaping through marriage? These are not only prosperous USA, Australia or the EU, very often it is Egypt, Morocco, China. I would advice Russian men to change the life in country for better and therefore keep their women in Russia, but not to write sensitive articles on the topic “How poor we are, Russian men, our women leave us for West”. It’s better to work and improve life for better in the country, than day and night speak on TV how bad is to live in West, but sadly realize how actually bad is to live in Russia, watching thru the window how Russian women are taking one way ticket to the West.

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