Dating Venezuelan girl you have to know peculiarities of man and woman relations in Venezuela

There is common thought popular among western backpackers who often visit Venezuela this country is good for dating girls for some short period rather called romance or holiday romance than real dating. You may think of those men who are called the sex tourists, but I mean absolutely different thing called dating relations, even if this is short period like 1 or 2 months.

So, if you decided to start dating Venezuelan girl you will need a lot of patience and I would say you are really taught guy. I will explain why I made up such conclusions so far.

Dating culture and family life is very different from all those norms and social interference we got used to on West. The biggest difference in relations between Venezuelan man and woman and Western man and woman is that in Venezuela woman is not treated equal with man. Read also: Venezuelan man: what is he like?

Man is allowed to do many crazy things normal American woman would not stand and the next day would probably say goodbye to such boyfriend and if it is about husband he would be asked for divorce. For example, it is common when Venezuelan guy is drinking all night with his friends and visits brothels and appears at home early in the morning. Then the quarrel and Latin aggressive and passionate shouting starts and the man leaves to drink some more. What is more interesting that very soon he will come back and all is ended with passionate sex and they are staying together again. Such attitude of boyfriend or husband is normal for Venezuelan woman and if you are foreigner and treat her well (or at least equal) she would feel something is wrong and you’re going to be examined. Venezuelan girl will have to find out why you behave in such “untypical for real man” way and do you hide something; or she might be superstitious and think you conceive something.

If your relations last for long she will finally understand you are just foreigner and such attitude to woman is normal for you. But be aware of undeniable fact that people get used to good very quickly and having such gentle and perspective boyfriend like you she would like to marry you, not even just be satisfied with dating. Also interesting topic Customs and traditions of Venezuela

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