Dating Venezuelan girl – tips, pluses n’ possibilities

Dating Venezuelan woman means dating one of the prettiest women in the world. According to many researches and polls Venezuelan women are top 5 among the most beautiful women in the world.

The easiest approach, especially if you afraid of danger and think Venezuela is dangerous place go to the club or downtown with locals, but only if they are your friends you know them for years, not new guys you suddenly met somewhere. With locals it is easier to get acquainted with girls as they may have common friends. Even when some say there are no friends in Venezuela and those guys whom you consider friends will easily steal your personal things, I don’t believe in this. Local guys who are your friends will not only help you establish contact with local pretties, but will explain you where it is better not to go and what parts of the city are completely prohibited to enter unless you want to be robbed or even killed; locals will help you to exchange US dollars into local Bolivars for good black market exchange rate (as there is also official predatory exchange rate in the banks).

If you are from Europe still take dollars with you but not Euro as they are not valued here even on black market. Remember, locals could be your friends and you can trust them if you know them for years and had spent pretty much time with them.

If you are dreaming about dating Venezuelan girl you will have to try hard if she is real beauty. To say the truth, there are many extremely pretty girls in Venezuela and normal, whom I would call “just ok girls”; so you probably would like to date with the first type I have mentioned and that would be a little more complicated, but still really possible. Complicated because such pretty might have local boyfriend already and if no, it will be not that hard. Venezuelan women are not only hot pretties; they have the best character and personal features ever! They are warm, gentle, and hospitable – all the best words I know I would tell for them. Could you imagine top model looking girl who is kind, welcoming, smiling and without faked behavior, faked smiles, but she is sincere. That is why I adore Venezuelan women and advice: girlfriend from Venezuela is the best girlfriend ever.

How to find proper girl in Venezuela? If you are talking about girlfriend, the girl from Venezuela you are going to start dating with I would say there are many options, but standard like picking up girl in the bar and ask her for a date the next day would not work and not only because of security issues. It is better when you meet girl in common company of a friends. If you are foreigner, you will have attention of local Venezuelan girls as they would be curious about you; at this point pick the one you liked the most and act – dance with her (even if you don’t dance good), make her compliments, make her laugh, as an option you may use Spanish language aspect – ask her to help you with the language, ask her how to say this and that in Spanish, but not exaggerate in order not to seem annoying. Within few next days you may ask her for a date: try just walking and good to give her roses; girls in Venezuela got used to very traditional approach of wooing so keep that in mind and do it as it is very easy. Ask her to join you in a trip to some islands or mountains, make her laugh and make her small presents, show her your attention. Very important aspect I often remind about all Latin American countries and about Venezuela in particular is Spanish; you have to know the language at least at modest level, but it is necessary.

What pluses you get if your girlfriend is Venezuelan? When dating Venezuelan girl remember you are having relations not only with pretty girls, but also with intelligent and very optimistic, happy about life and full of energy girl. What is very surprising, a little weird for westerner, but very cute and sweet that Venezuelan women are really caring and sympathetic, always showing their love, care and compassion if needed. I bet you are dreaming about girlfriend with such qualities. However, women cannot be ideally perfect and this concerns Venezuelan women as well. Some westerners mention they are obsessed with brand clothes and talk too much about politics; personally I think it is so, because the country is relatively poor, but I don’t think those are such big minuses.

Ok, you have read how good Venezuelan women are and ready to find one who will become your girlfriend but where to start? Where is the best place to look up for girls to start conversation with in Venezuela? It could be shopping malls where there are many young girls who are looking at and buying those brand fashioned clothes I have mentioned before. During night period you will probably want to have some fun and leaving hotel you will appear at the bar or restaurant; as for night life I will advice Las Mercedes district once again, as it is safe and there are many public places to have fun and to get acquainted with pretty Venezuelan girls one of which may start dating with you if everything goes well. You have chances to find girl at the night club, but only if you are good dancer and attract her attention. Otherwise it would be quite hard as girls and guys come to discos with their friends and communicating mostly with members of their circle. But girls in Venezuelan clubs are something special – they all are so hot, pretty, well dressed and look just magnificent. By the way, you have to be dressed ok as well – jeans and shirt are ok for the dress code and as foreigner you will get bonus and having no problems passing.

Dating girl from Venezuela is great experience, because women here are very pretty, gentle, kind and caring; although, it is kind of hard to find proper girl for dating because there not much appropriate places. Moreover, Venezuela is dangerous to foreigners and that makes additional risks for search girlfriend in this country. Venezuela is good place to find girlfriend here and after short dating period take this beauty to your safe home country – that would be the best option for both of you, but be sure your girl from Venezuela would agree. Getting know more and more about Venezuela and trying to conquer it’s women you might face with comperitors, so read Venezuelan man: what is he like? just to be ready.

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