Dating services in Estonia – what is better to choose?

You might not know, but according to official statistics and numerous researches, Estonia is the country with the speediest Internet on the globe and number one in Internet coverage all over the country. And it is not because the country is small, but because cyber technologies and digital development are what the government of the country is focused on and what is encouraged by the authorities. Estonia is also one of the best cyber protected countries in the world. Needless to say, but in Estonia you can see plenty of cars for rent parked on the street where you pay for service by sending text message and the doors of the car open in front of you and you can drive it for chosen time period. The same with robots that transfer food or paper letters and correspondences to the clients – this all is Estonia.

With such development of technologies you may assume there are many Estonian dating services websites focused on the aim of matching Estonians who are in search of love heart. I would not say there are many Estonian focused dating websites, but most of them are of the world popularity and just have their Estonian branch. If you consider finding a girlfriend in Estonia by using dating services on the Web it might be good idea considering involvement of Internet and cyber technologies in the life of average Estonian, but you have to be careful and choose proper dating site with real Estonian women profiles, but not to get into some kind of popular scam. Read also: How Estonian and American women differ from each other

There are no special schemes or strict rules that could surely in 100% make you avoid dating scam on the Internet, but there are some advices which can help you. Use antivirus software as the websites under black list are not possible to enter and smart antivirus will prevent you from entering suspicious websites. Use Google Chrome browser as it shows you the rate of the website and also provides information whether it is secure or not. Prefer to choose websites in English or the language you know, otherwise you risk making some actions which you might not like to do.

To conclude, even though Estonia is the country with highly developed Internet technologies, I would advice to find real girls in real life and ask them for date with you moving from virtual to real life. Maybe it is a little more scary for you, you feel uncomfortable, unsure – but this is what helps you to improve your skills, your self esteem and even dignity. Leaving comfort zone does wonders, even when considering dating pretty girls from Estonia! Read also: Features of typical Estonian man

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