Dating Panamanian girls – tips and peculiarities

Here I am going to tell bout “normal” dating, not taking into consideration those guys who would like to visit Panama just looking for gold-diggers. I would not call such “relations” dating, but rather business, when some exchange beauty for money. If you truly believe there could be love between old men and young girl I would not hope so. I wonder many old Americans who visit Panama and other countries by finding pretty young girl who reacts with smile and comes to his table, he thinks she is with him because he is so fun. No, she is with you because you have money. Some of old guys understand that and use the power of wallet. But let’s get more to the topic and see what we know about dating Panamanian girls.

First of all, think over about your appearance. You have to look nice and use some good smelling cologne. In Panama both women and men still pay great attention to the fact how the others look like. So, if you are going to spend dating evening in Panamayou have to be dressed up in smart casual or casual style, flip flops and shorts would be the sign of disrespect. Of course, Panamanian girl you are dating to knows you are foreigner (especially they got used to Americans and think many of them are dressed like a bums) and will not be offended or shocked by you appearance; but it is better to be dressed stylish and that would impress Panamanian girl you are dating to.

Remember about the time or “being late” issue in Panama. All the people are probably very happy with their life, because they don’t really control the watch. Maybe that is good for Panamanians as it makes them less stress, but it might be weird for you at first when you asked Panamanian girl for a date and agreed to meet her at 8 and she comes at 8:43, for example. She didn’t mean to offend you and did not forgot about you either and she is still interested in you, so you have to wait, but don’t hope for some explains why she was late, I’m telling you, this is very common feature of people in Panama.

I would also tell there are many nice, open, intelligent women in Panama who would like to have serious relations, but for some reason they were unlucky and fate made them to be alone. Many of such Panamanian women are quiet about that and would prefer to live with just work as the only way to sublime inner energy; some of them help their family, parents, sisters and brothers at the same time remaining quite unhappy with their personal life. Such women are dreaming of dating with real man, who will be the only one, but they do not show this openly on the Internet or in the social networks; you have to be more attentive to find girls and women of this type and your personal happiness is somewhere with them.

Unlike that descent, nice and intelligent women who are shy to tell they need a boyfriend or husband there are those who are yelling about this on all Internet dating sites and social networks; I’m not talking about those who are so called gold-diggers, but about scammers who would like to use foreigners, especially to use Americans, just hunting for their money, but not offering anything like love, feelings or real dating. You have to avoid Panama scammers for the sake of your nerves and financial composure.

What is more, there is such aspect as hyperactive and passionate people of Panama. Hot Spanish blood makes men and women very active in everything including jealousy. When you are dating the girl in Panama, don’t look at other girls, because either the one you are staring at (or her boyfriend) or your girlfriend might be offended and you may have problems of different character with that.

Dancing is something special about Panama. Dances are everywhere and they are closely connected with Panamanian culture. So, when you are on the date, be ready to dance even if you don’t know how or your girlfriend would be bored with you or even offended. There is also a chance some hot local macho will dance near and show his interest with the girl you are on the date today.

One more big issue about dating in Panama is the family of your girlfriend. Panama is very family oriented country. Children usually live with parents until they get married and create their own family. So it is highly common in Panama when your girlfriend tells her parents and close family members about you and one day you will have to go to the family supper with them. This is quite usual for Panama and may be too fast or too weird to you; remember this is another culture and respect it.

In some of previous posts about Belarus, written about 2 years ago, I’ve focused on the problem people very rarely use protection during sex, even though there are many social ads about that everywhere. The same situation is common for Panama, where people are not got used to use condoms, even while having few partners. So, be aware of that and make sure you are protected. It is good that to conduct marriage in Panama you have to get Health Certificate.

When you are looking for dating in Panama, you have to be realistic. Many young and pretty girls would not pay attention to you if you are not pretty, old and have beer belly. Maybe you will get some attention using the power of American dollar; but that would be not dating, just wasting money for buying her drinks and total feeling of fakeness. Are you that miserable? You came to Panama because back home in the US you could not hope to have fun with young chick? Then I’ll disappoint you, because in Panama chances for you are small as well. Real dating with Panamanian woman is possible when you will spend some time in this country and meet some local girls who are single. My advice would be learning Spanish to communicate with local women; because it is hardly unlikely Panama girls would speak good English. Don’t feel embarrassed if the level of you Spanish wishes to be better; when you are trying to speak Spanish even having accent and making mistakes it still sounds like compliment to your Panamanian lady; even if she smiles, she is not making fun on you, but she is pleased in this way.

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