Dating Japanese girl – what tips you have to know?

Japanese girls are quite demanding in our society. Attractive Asian appearance combined with their complaisance in behavior leave millions of men crazy about them. But is everything so ideal when it comes to dating?
A more detailed look at Japanese girls reveals that despite being extremely gorgeous and having flexible behavior, dating them has numerous particularities in terms of their truly unique traditions and stereotyped misconceptions. Here are some peculiarities you have to carry in mind if you have an incoming meeting with a Japanese female representative:

First date

Arranging a first date with a Japanese girl does not differ from doing it with a girl of another nationality that much. However, you must carefully think about the place and the time of your meeting if you want to end up being successful. Japanese people are known to be very punctual and precise regarding the time, therefore being late is simply unacceptable, especially in the case when the male partner is the one not to show up in time. Inviting your Japanese mistress at home on your first date may not be a good idea either due to Japanese people’s traditional reluctance to being a guest. For that reason, a better place would be some kind of cafe where you can spend your time chatting with each other without anything inhibiting your acquaintance. Moreover, try to find out as much information about her tastes as possible, but do not forget that your dialogue should remain obtrusive.

Further communication

Places for your future meetings should be chosen based on her preferences which you found out during the first date. As you get to know each other better, do not be mean to making compliments. Japanese men are convinced that compliments are not that of importance, but Japanese girls do really love to hear them. This approach will make you stand out in comparison with Japanese men and increase your chances of establishing a prosperous relationship between two of you. Although, keep in mind that in spite of being fond of hearing your compliments, Japanese women are still very shy. Do not allow yourself to be rude. As it has already been mentioned, Japanese people have a specific mentality. It means that actions that you consider polite enough can be perceived as insolent on the Japanese side. Never let the outburst of your negative emotions happen.


A separate aspect you should pay extra attention to is gifts. Do not try to gain favor by gifting costly stuff. By doing this, you will impose a responsibility on your partner as responding with an equally expensive present is traditional among Japanese people. It will mean much more to your girl if you heartily gift her a bouquet of cheap flowers or toys with candies.


Even though every Japanese women has her individual qualities, there is no doubt that these peculiarities apply to all of them and taking them into consideration will always make your relationships better.

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