Dating girls in Vietnam – tips and peculiarities

Dating in Vietnam with local Vietnamese girls is a great idea and I wish every man to try it in his life, although, there is a risk that if you try once you will like it so much that you will have a need in dating Vietnamese. These girls are not only very kind, pretty, but many of them have some special magnificent magnetic field what with the smell of vanilla odor will never make you forget them.

If you decided to date Vietnamese girls it won’t be that hard to find suitable girl. Best of all to do it in the evening, because if you don’t know yet – many Vietnamese girls wear bandanas on their face to keep their faces white as it is considered the best charm of the girl here, and in the evening they take bandana off and you can really see the Vietnam girl’s face. Many Vietnamese girls like to get acquainted with foreigners and start to chat first and eagerly go for a contact. Most of them are very open to people and eager to spend time with you, to communicate, to open something new and observe new horizons. The only problem in dating girl from Vietnam for you might be that despite they show initiative first they walk and hang out in groups of other girls and to choose one of them you will have to ask her number somehow and ask her for a date later.

How to start dating process in Vietnam? If you are walking down the street and hear the girl laughing – this is a great chance and idea to come closer and get acquainted with them. Most often they are not shy, open to you and eager to have fun and communicate. The problem might be with the language but many young girls in Vietnam speak Thai variant of English. It could be very hard to remember the name of Vietnam girl, so here you will have to train your brain and spelling.

It is popular in Vietnam the dance with fans and during the date, according to her open character Vietnamese girl could ask you to observe her dancing and give her some practical tips and advices fir her dance. Sometimes even the shyest looking at firs Vietnamese girl could make such explicit dance that you will be pleasantly surprised and open Vietnamese girls in different light.

If you are thinking about dating place in Vietnam it is up to you, but if it is the first walk that not really seems like a date you can do it in the park. If you meet with the group of Vietnamese girls and spend time with them to pick one out of the group for the following date you imagine you may buy some beer and go to the park sitting on the grass and chatting there close to the nature. If there are many Vietnamese girls in one group when they have fun they like to play some kind of game where the one girl who lose has to dance some kind of erotic dance for the guy and that dance sometimes could be pretty explicit, but that would happen only if you are lucky. If you are on the date with one Vietnamese girl already you may go to the restaurant or some nice and cozy place where they have meals prepared.

By the way, if your aim is dating exactly Vietnamese girl you have to take into consideration there are many Khmers, Philippines, Indonesians and Japans in Vietnam and if you are first time in the country you can be a little confused. What is common for all those nations in Vietnam they are very open to people, kind and interested to talk with foreigner. If you met some of these girls on the street they could easily ask you to go for a coffee or to have a chat just on the place where the girl works – such open and interesting they are – those people in Vietnam. In general, the girls in Vietnam are just charming and if they sometimes don’t look like models, they are still so hot in some way and have some kind of this unseen pure energy that you want to go for a date with Vietnamese girl more and more. By the way, many Japanese, Malaysian, Vietnamese girls in Vietnam have a problem with getting married and they recognize it themselves, so, if you like dating with girls of Vietnam, maybe you should consider the next step – marriage in Vietnam? By the way, here you can read about Traditional Vietnamese wedding.

Everyone knows the desire of men to visit Thailand as “there are rumors” that there are the most beautiful women… available and accessible… easy going, yes, but I can argue about the “beautiful”. Traveling to Southeast Asia, many tourists realize for themselves that in Vietnam are the most beautiful women in the whole region.

Of course you can meet beautiful women in Thailand (if those you meet are women), even in Laos and Cambodia there are beautiful women, but in Vietnam you will be pleasantly surprised as an aesthete. This, of course, does not mean that there are only beauties there, but quite often you can see the girl on which you want to stop your eye. If a European man is seen with Thai girl, then this is considered “love for money,” although many Europeans marry Thai girls, a European in Vietnam with a local girl can go out to dinner, talk, take a walk and no one  will give askance looks at them. Maybe this socialist upbringing which is more open in communication or it can be characteristic feature of the Vietnamese population. Vietnamese girls are not as “savage” as Thai, the general level seems much more accommodating and more cultured. I guess, it is a good idea to spend a date with Vietnamese girl, isn’t it? Read also: Typical characteristics of Vietnamese women

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