Dating Estonian girl – what tips you have to know

When dating Estonian girl you have to be ready to live in the world of pleasure that might seem paradise to you, but at the same time as for the foreigner some things might seem weird to you and you have to be ready for them to react properly. Estonian girlfriend relies on you as on “real man” and this understanding is different for people with multicultural origin. To be “real man” for Estonian woman does not mean fight and be rude; it means to be ready to repair and fix everything brakes in the house or when it is going about the car; she may not wait it from you by understanding you are foreigner and it is different in your country; but what you will not omit is her exploitation of you at the house work like cleaning, replacing furniture or cutting bushes in the garden.

Estonian girls are not slow or emotionless as many of you judging on stereotypes about Estonia might think. The day usually starts with gym or morning running, then shower and coffee; in some cases morning could exclude those physical exercises and start with coffee only. Then she is going to be active and busy working all the day talking a lot on cell phone; talking on business and talking on nothing with her friends; she might also pretend doing some work, but till the end of the day all the tasks she had to do would be done. At the evening she would ask you about your day, maybe giving some advices; she would propose to watch a movie or go somewhere outside.

Dating girl from Estonia be ready to know she is in tight relations with her mother and family; it’s not like in the US that children live separately, usually in another city or state visiting family and relatives for Christmas only. In Estonia family relations are much stronger according to the traditions and you will surely meet her mom and dad; if she comes from small town you will have unique experience to observe rural Estonian culture.

Many men call the reason why they chose dating with Estonian girl her natural magnetism, gentleness and appeasement. You will love this county since first time you visit it; you will love its people and surely would like to fall in love with Estonian woman to take part of this energy with you; but the problem is this energy is such great that usually man does not want to be apart from it and Estonian girl becomes his girlfriend and then his wife.

Estonia attracts many foreign visitors who are adored by both natural and inner beauty of those women. Estonian women are also very kind and gentle and that attracts men as honey attracts bee. You may open the world in new look after dating with the girl from Estonia.

What qualities you need to have to attract Estonian girl?

Of course, you have to look attractive, be dressed up nicely, because Estonian girl would not even pay attention to you if you are wearing dirty, not neat clothes with holes. You have to interest her and the best way is to use some jokes; if you made her laugh then one third is already made by you on the way her to become your girlfriend.

Estonian girls do not talk too much unlike many other women, who like gossips and stuff like that; Estonian woman express her opinion or wish with few specific words without extra “Water pouring”. Be initiative and to attract her more when you are at home ask her to cook something traditionally Estonian and you call to help her; Estonians keep traditions and this concerns cuisine as well so she would be happy to cook something for you and such mutual cooking would make you closer; but don’t relax, because she might ask you to wash the dishes after 😉

If you are dating for long time and meet her parents they probably have small house in the countryside where they have rest in all seasons; during summer and spring they are growing vegetables there, for fun and because they consider them natural without chemistry unlike those in the supermarkets; actually you will open something new for you in the Estonian countryside house and one thing is Estonian sauna that at firs might seem to you horrible place, but feelings after is something amazing; house in countryside may become great place for you and Estonian girlfriend for spending romantic nights.

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