Dating Bolivian Girls: Yes or No?

Well, being raised up in European country or in the United States… let us better say in a developed country makes a lot of differences than in Bolivia, for example. Many Western civilization people are full enough to satisfy all the necessary needs are looking for something exotic all over the world. For this reason some of the guys visit quite exotic countries to find some other aspects of love and pleasure they never experienced before. Not much people are looking for dating with Bolivian girl. It is pretty easy to find if to look up at the search engine and there are not much guys who dream to date with Bolivian girl or to marry Bolivian woman.

To be more objective, I will divide Bolivia into big cities Bolivia and rural Bolivia. The situation is better in big cities, especially in a capital of Bolivia. There you might find pretty nice girls who take care of themselves. And there are village Bolivian girls whom you would probably not find attractive. They usually do not even have shower every day and even this fact can ruin all your dreams about genuine Bolivian girls. So here we came to the point it is better to search for dating girl in Bolivian capital or some big city.

Who is looking for girls to date in Bolivia and via Internet as well? Of course, mostly guys who came from abroad. Overseas people in Bolivia usually do some work and have to stay in this country for long. Women who visit Bolivia as part of their work, usually live single in Bolivia, that is why if you are a foreigner who came to Bolivia and is looking for the girl to have a date with, there are high chances you will meet some lady from overseas but not Bolivian, especially if you try to arrange the date using Bolivia dating sites. One word to say – if you are using Internet to find a girl in Bolivia.

According to all that is written before, to find Bolivian girl and have a possible date, it is necessary to look for her somewhere outside. Try to start looking for the date in big cities and near Universities. Girls are much prettier there than average in Bolivia and what is more – luckily speak some English. Must say that in common Bolivians are not attractive to people from West. Neither by their appearance nor by their attitude to sex and life in general. Only small percentage of Bolivian population considers important everyday shower and tooth brushing. Bolivia is very poor, isolated and remote from other world country, so do not expect to find romance or love here.

Bolivian women are very eager to marry a foreigner, because the country is very poor and such international marriage could give Bolivian girl a chance for better life. Of course, there is nothing about love, it is going mostly about money and release from poverty. I’m not saying it is always like that, but most likely it is Bolivian reality. Women in Bolivia do all the hard work at home, including cleaning, keeping the house and preparing food and the man is earning money and is responsible to pay the bills. Not western approach for sure.

Free love is something like mind revolution to Bolivia. Maybe it is more loyal in the capital and closer to Argentina border areas, but in a rural zone if a girl gets caught, this is the end. Sometimes it even could go so far as public lynch. That is why if you decided strongly to have dating evening with Bolivian girl, do not look for that in rural areas of the country.

There are chances to find a girl in Bolivia among young Israeli girls. There are lots of them in Bolivia and it seems like they are eager to communicate. Foreigner has almost all chances to find a girl in Bolivia because he almost shouldn’t compete with local man and he’s got a wallet. And it doesn’t mean he has to show money and tease people with that. Money is good as instrument for achieving different aims. Use money for restaurants, presents and good time spending with the Bolivian girl you liked and the result wouldn’t be far to wait.

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3 Responses

  1. Carsten says:

    I didn’t planned that before but during my trip I was falling in love with an Bolivian women. We skyped many timed. She is from Cochabamba and well educated. She has a Bachelor and speaks infliently english. She has something I missed totally in western countries. I can’t explain, you have to feel that. Its pure feminity and sexuality. Something you feel good in comparison to something you want run away.

  2. Robert says:

    Hello Carsten,
    I am just curious, how is the name of the girl. Your story reminds me something.

  3. Don says:

    This story is so false and full of disinformation that it’s not funny. I was married to a Bolivian woman for over 12 years and none of this fabricated BS makes sense and very little of it is true.

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