Country of Ecuador its men, women and facts

The Republic of Ecuador is small country in South America. The equator runs right through Ecuador. Ecuador’s official language is Spanish. The currency of Ecuador is the US dollar. Approximately 50% of revenue Ecuador receives from oil exports. Ecuador is one of the world’s biggest banana exporters. The composition of the population of Ecuador – mestizos 55%, Indians 25%, Europeans 10% and 10%  of black people.

One of the reasons why Ecuador is popular among men tourists from different parts of the world is because prostitution is officially legalized in Ecuador. For sure representatives of the oldest profession are one of the GDP sources for the country as priestesses of love pay taxes. Such scheme brings benefits to the country, to the sex tourists and to the “love workers” as well. By the way, brothels in Ecuador are called night clubs, so understand it right when you are going just to dance and instead you get… wow J I will give as it is written in one blog with the words of original “The state of Ecuador allows prostitution. If someone wants to use the services of prostitutes, he simply has to ask where the nearest nightclub is.”

Ecuadorians are tolerant to the representatives of sexual minorities (homosexuals). However, abortion in Ecuador is strictly prohibited.

Ecuadorians are passionate people. They believe, the one who was bitten by an alligator beetle will die unless he/she has sex this day. Read also: Dating Ecuadorian girls – is it good idea!

If you would like to visit Ecuador to observe the country or to find out how pretty and passionate are Ecuadorian women you will do it easily, no matter where are you from, because Ecuador is open for everyone, citizen of every country in the world does not need visa to enter the country. Of course, taking into consideration to reach Ecuador you need to take a plane and national currency is American dollar; the list of those who are willing to visit the country becomes much shorter.

If you are going to visit Ecuador, I hope you will have pleasant time there. You may share your staying on our website and maybe then thousands of tourists would like to visit Ecuador and its economy will boom abruptly 3 or 5 times from incomes tourists bring to the country. Hey, are you interested in Why women of Ecuador are not eager to marry foreigners

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