Could Venezuelan girl be a good wife for American?

Actually, very similar topic has already been discussed on the pages of this website, but it sounded coherent something like are Venezuelan brides good for American husband. Not to postpone all your business for the sake of the question are Venezuelan women good candidates for Americans to marry, you will get clear and quick answer – yes.

All the reasons why woman of Venezuela become wives of Americans could be divided into three mail categories – household, appearance, the demand for rich overseas fiancé in Venezuela according to unrestrained desire to escape abroad for permanent living from Venezuela. All those three categories we will examine more precisely in our today’s article.

According to the topic of actual marriage with Venezuelan woman and life under one roof, I guess the meaning of Venezuelan woman as a good housewife is the most prominent in this article, unlike the Venezuelan bride article, where the first and most important key factor of why Americans are choosing Venezuelan girls as brides was the beauty of Venezuelan girls. Anyways, we will talk a little more about appearance in the second paragraph, but now it’s time for Venezuelan housewife detailed picture. Venezuelan wife is ready to fully devote her life for the family. She is already thankful to American husband who has taken her away from poverty and she is ready to express her thanks in all the ways she sees it. Venezuelan wife in the USA is still going to live according to the picture of the family which she inherited or got accustomed with while being a child and living in Venezuela. She knows that the husband is the head of the family. Of course, she could be emotional, passionate and quarrel and argue with husband about some moments, but still she would consider the husband to be the main in the family. She does not try to get a job and dedicate all the free time to it. She is more family oriented and sees her place in the society as a housewife, although this society is different. When American husband and Venezuelan wife have common kids, man usually spends more time at work and his wife takes care of the children and has to deal with children upbringing without regrets and complains. She is happy with her position in the family, this is how she was raised and this is what she likes to do. Being a housewife means not only upbringing children, but also take care about the house and here Venezuelan wife is on her place as well. Cleaning the house, doing laundry and working in the garden sometimes could even seem annoying to her American husband, a he was choosing wife, ok – housewife, but not housemade. One important thing why Venezuelan wife are just great, the fact that some American men even do not even guessing is preparing food. Venezuelan women are great at cooking great homemade healthy food. You have never assumed that food could be so delicious and all this variety of food is prepared by your lovely wife. I assume all those reasons and features of Venezuelan women make them popular among Americans. I will explain why I placed beauty on the second place.

Beauty is something that comes and disappears within not only time but also everyday routine and family life. American man who would like to enjoy the beauty only would rather enjoy, but not take the girl as a bride. Beauty is very important, but concerning family life it slowly moves to the second place. Yes, Venezuelan girls are very passionate and they can do wonders in bed and it is great to have such a wife, who has so many pros, but it is unlikely that 50 years old American man took 25 years old Venezuelan girl only for this purpose, because age and physical weakness that are coming along with it have the influence.

SO, we have already found out that Venezuelan girl has a high chance to become a wife of American, but we have also found that she could also become GOOD wife for American as well. Some American men could think that it is not very good idea to start looking for a wife in Venezuela, because the girl would have no real feelings towards such man and she would be with him only because she is tired of poverty and would like to live in sated America. Let’s face the truth – why didn’t you choose to find a young pretty wife in the USA? Probably, your age is the main problem, but also financial status. So, you are not going to Venezuela in search of bride by what your heart tells you, but because it is cheaper, you have more chances there and you average American income make you rich man over there. I hope, it sounds fair enough and you don’t have to hide real reasons why you are looking for Venezuelan girl to become your wife. Maybe the start Is not that romantic, but no one told you there could not be real feelings between Venezuelan woman and American man. Yes, it all starts with chemistry, but the continuation is up to you and Venezuelan wife could be the best what has happened to you in your entire life.

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