Colombian women for marriage

Genuine love, till the last breath, gorgeous ocean villa and bank account with at least seven zeros – those are preferable things Cinderella of Colombia are looking for. Times are changing fast and rich foreign fiancé supposed to save them from poor life and lack of investments and hard Colombian life. But not only for money are Colombian girls waiting for foreign Prince. They think that abroad is not just life but paradise and if she is chosen here, her foreign husband would treat her as real Princess in foreign country by presenting gifts and flowers and will make her life turn into fairy tale.

In some period there were some problems and lack of clients caused by the crisis. For now marriage agencies are booming again, and as the demand for Colombian women increased, foreigners are looking for Colombian wife with new interest and Colombian dating agencies are ready to propose tons of profiles with Colombian beauties. Not the main reason, but one of why foreign fiancés are attracted by beautiful Colombian girls is blood mixture of Spanish European appearance and South American native roots. While choosing international partner for life Colombian women are ready for almost everyone but to find him. The competition is high as well.

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Young American girl would rarely agree to marry a 50 year old man. Colombian women accept such foreign grooms and maybe not with pleasure but with patience as he could be a ticket to better life, even if this ticket is old and looks bad. In this field Colombian girls are chosen, but do not choose. If on the rich West it is equal, forget about same stuff in Colombia. As the fact, Colombian marriage agencies get money from western men mostly. The one who pays orders the music. Girls have to show true love, be loyal to their partner and keep smiling. Mainly because of such attitude for the first year two thirds of international Colombian marriages are finished with divorce. To marry person you have to know her better, it is serious step and you can’t just pick the picture, I guess. Many do so, in contrary.

It is not going about love in most cases when Colombian girls are in search of foreign husband. Girls are married with USA, Australia, and Germany. They usually would marry anyone, just to escape from Colombia, where life is tough, they have to struggle poverty and very hard to achieve something because of corruption and many other factors. Colombian girls assume they will solve all their problems if find foreign man and after marriage leave abroad.

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According to psychologists, if we do not find out the reason of our problems in one place, by changing it we bring those problems to another place. Whatever happens, girls just want to escape abroad. There are rare cases of pure love between Colombian girl and foreigner, but the cultural difference affects sooner or later. It is difficult for foreigner to understanding his Colombian wife. She’s in foreign culture, pretty far from the family and old friends, far away from her culture. If husband does not support it may turn into catastrophe, because he is the only person she knows and she usually does not have friends for the first time, does not work and of this has no money. Even if she tries to buy ticket for plane home it is unreal with absence of money. Colombian women who seek for marriage abroad do not assume how serious is the step they are going to make. They are blinded with desire to live in abroad fairy tale.

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