Classical conversation to impress Ukrainian girl

Sometimes I get different controversial feelings when I get emails with questions like that and I will explain why, because it does not always depends on my mood, but rather on objectives. I will try to structure needed information so it would be more clear to find out the truth and yes, once more – objectiveness.

Do you really think all the women are the same?

It is NOT the same as to ask “How I provide conversation with my future possible employee?” because there are some standards and, by the way, most of new edge companies eliminate these standards. If earlier you needed to be dressed up in a suit, now you may work in T-shirt and shorts, sipping apple juice in comfortable chair and even do some personal things during your work (like reading news, information you are interested in and so on as this is enhanced by some big companies policy). Even here on the first meeting with employee there are many options how to behave. But if to talk about relations with women it makes it even more complicated.Every single woman has her own overlook depending on different factors like family she was risen in, surroundings, community, close friends and many other major and minor factors. So to impress particular Ukrainian girl you might use different approach including your behavior and conversation. It is not like ABC where you know everything is clear, because yes, today it can be ABC and tomorrow XYZ and the next day, for example, CFH.

Depending on the place in Ukraine

City / town / village

If Ukrainian girl is from the village, especially remote one, she would usually be rather shy, having more traditional upbringing. If she is from intelligent village family it would be pretty easy to marry such nice girl in the future and have great chances her to become traditional family caring woman (mother for children). With such girl you may speak a lot about your own country, showing her pictures and telling stories about the places abroad you have already visited. She would listen to your every word with interest and might dream about such a prince you already are for her.There is opposite picture of Ukrainian village girl. She is very mercantile and knows nothing much except for digging up potatoes and milking cows. During weekend she likes to drink at local stinky village disco bar and maybe have some spontaneous contacts with guys. All she dreams about in the future is to marry either guy from the nearest town, or the guy from the city. Foreigner for such village girl from Ukraine is just enormous luck to meet and she would do everything possible to become your wife (even to become pregnant).

If Ukrainian girl is from the city she is much more different than the girl who was living for years in the village. Such girl does not differ that much from her Western counterparts, she usually does sports, keeps her body fit, goes to yoga classes, might be interested in meditation, outdoor activities, exploring the world etc. With such a girl it is harder to start communication, but at least you would see from the very beginning is she interested in conversation with you at all. Girls from the cities usually study at Universities in Ukraine or abroad, they often are not waiting for the man as supplier, sponsor etc., but rely on themselves and are looking for the way of personal career, improvement, development.

Women from Ukrainian towns are the same as women from big cities, but often they are more oriented for traditional family life at the time when girls from the cities are often focused on personal goals like career and are not in hurry to get married either on Ukrainian man or on foreigner.

REMEMBER: you never take into consideration just only one factor, but should consider mixed factors, as in the followed examples: there is particular Ukrainian girl from the village in Western Ukraine, but she comes from the family of teachers (intelligent family) and she attended University in Lviv; or there is Ukrainian girl who works in Kyiv, she lives in Ukrainian capital for 10 years, but comes from the family of village workers from the South of Ukraine or there is particular girl from big city on the South of Ukraine and she was working as the builder. All these women might have different upbringing and different society they lived in for a long time. What does it mean? They are all great women, but different approach is needed to each of them. If to take into consideration only factor of lets say, intelligence, but rather sphere of interests, then there is very low chance woman from Donetsk who was working as builder her whole life would like your stories about sunrise of literature in post colonial Burma. But it also depends, because such woman might have no way out and to become a builder because parents demanded or there were no other way out time back then, but she always dreamed to become teacher of literature and has huge personal library. You never know, and I always advice you not to generalize anything – people, countries, society etc. The same with approach and conversation which is more appropriate to use – you never know and may find it out only after short general conversation.

Conversation with Ukrainian girl

Hints for general starting conversation with Ukrainian girl

At the very beginning you should behave more like gentleman, but at the same time to be open, not shy, demonstrate your man’s character. If you know how to make woman laugh – it is very important as well, because this is the first trick to get her interested in you. During the first conversation as her questions, but do not talk too much yourself. Asking her questions about family you’re letting her know you are interested in her culture, family, town and at the same time getting to know more about her more. If you know her sphere of interests, hobbies, lifestyle and interests – you now may choose more appropriate personal strategy in conversation. Hint where you have to ask, but not to talk too much means that Ukrainian women do not really like guys who are way too much talkative. Actions over talks – this is how Ukrainian women subconsciously evaluate men.

You should be flexible and choose the conversation appropriate for particular girlIf you have already managed to understand our meta message, there is no classical type of conversation to impress Ukrainian girl. Every girl is special mixture of feelings, upbringing, character… you name it, place of living, social strata, family, friends, education, region of Ukraine – these all depends deeply on the type this particular girl will be. So there is no need to learn some “Ukrainian girl conversation mantra” and think that after memorizing it you will be the best pickup-er in Ukraine. Hints for you to become successful in conversation with Ukrainian girl are as follows:

– Be yourself (It is better if she does not like you at the very beginning and you will find another one rather than pretending and postpone inevitable break up for the future)- Be open (Try to start conversation on general topic, but if she asks you something personal – do not hide it. Every person has some weak sides, of course, it is not needed to make accent on them, but there is no sense in hiding them, because only strong character person is able to recognize own weakness)

– Be gentleman (Most of Ukrainian girls still wait for you to open door in front of them, buy her chocolate or present flowers. This is not exactly about conversation, but more about how to make conversation more pleasant and promising)

– Do not boast (Most of Ukrainian girls just hate when guys boast with their fancy car, money, expensive clothes – well, it is ok when man has these attributes, but when he behaves normally, but if he is trying to “buy everything and everyone” this is disgusting and this is exactly how most of descent Ukrainian girls perceive that. So, if you talk with Ukrainian girl – do not boast. Do not be modest either, but be yourself and tell the truth. In most cases Ukrainian girls have developed intuition and they would “read you between the lines”).

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