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Chile is not just Santiago, Easter Island and Pinochet associated with Allende. It is also one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the world called Patagonia, which the Republic of Chile has in half with Argentina. No one still took seriously development of Patagonia in terms of tourism. However, people still go there – to cruise to Tierra del Fuego, to look at the penguins at the glaciers and icebergs. But still, there are very few tourists, because the direction is not popular. Now it seems that things will change. In Punta Arenas, in southern Chile, was hosted a seminar on tourism projects in the Chilean Patagonia, with the participation of investors from Europe, America and Asia. They came with a single purpose: to see the products and to proceed with its development. According to calculations of Chileans, investments may reach $ 250 million. Spain, Germany, USA, Canada, France, Italy, Singapore and Argentina are ready to participate in the transformation of the Chilean part of Patagonia in the upscale center of international tourism, including environmental tourism. Seems like a good place for international communication and for finding pretty Chilean girls, doesn’t it?

Life in Chile “boils” mainly in the cities: in spite of the stunning landscapes, surrounded by nature, only 15 percent of the population lives far from civilization. Tourists coming from different countries of the world are usually pulling “to the south”, to Patagonia, where there are many world-known tourist for people who like to go skiing, to see the fjords, do fishing and like to be frostbitten in the ice. All this, of course, is good, but only for a while. If a foreigner wants to live in Chile, he rides either on the opposite end of the Pacific coast, where there are luxury resorts or down to the central regions, where half of the Chilean population is concentrated. Out of all 12 administrative units, which the territory of Chile is divided into, Santiago Federal District and especially the eponymous capital of the country are the most attractive places to settle down for foreigner with money.

The most prestigious and therefore the most expensive areas in Santiago are considered Providencia, Las Condes, El Golf and Vitacura. A square meter is estimated is not less than $ 1,450, and sometimes the price goes up to $ 2,000. On the outskirts of the capital, where there is good infrastructure and where you can easily get to the center (Quilicura, Penalolen, Cerrillos, Maipu, Huechuraba, Conchali), you can get an apartment, saving a decent amount. The main reason that per square meter is asking for only $ 60 to $ 150, is the close proximity of industrial enterprises. Read also: Are Chilean women good option for American to marry

Quite decent two-bedroom apartment in Santiago can be rented for 200-350 $$. It is expected that all over the country in the coming years will be rented from 20,000 to 40,000 apartments.

The minimum wage in Chile, by the standards of Latin America, is quite high – 189 dollars. For example, a cook gets this sum for his work. For an hour of work Chilean worker receives ten times less than German and 2 time less than Mexican. At the same time to live in Santiago is cheaper than, say, in Buenos Aires – by as much as 34 percent, but three times more expensive than in Peru.

Unlike Peru, social contrasts in Chile are gradually smoothed out. Poverty also decreases year-on-year in the residential sector over the past 10 years, the share of housing, qualifying as “poor neighborhoods”, halved and now does not exceed 18 percent. For Latin America as a whole, where every fourth citizen spends over no more than a dollar a day, it’s a good indicator.

“The Wall Street Journal,” has a special index to describe the degree of economic freedom in a country. According to that index Chile has set the highest “score” from all Latin American countries. When compared globally, this estimate is almost the same as that of Germany. To stimulate economical activity in remote areas of the country, the government has given some areas with a particularly unpleasant climate the status of free economic zones.

There are no restrictions on foreign citizens’ investment in Chile. So you can run your business in Chile, find pretty girlfriend in Chile who will become your wife and will live together happily ever after. By all indications Chile aspires soon to become the financial center of the region and large investors flock to the country; so, think seriously of finding Chilean wife and moving to prosperous and safe Chile. Read also: First date with girl from Chile – are you nervous?

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