Chile and more – Clilean women are so pretty it is hard to believe

Actual reaction for natural prettiness of Chilean women is often very unpredictable. Most of men who are visiting Chile are hoping to see some exotic kind of women and do not expect to see a lot of European type women over here. The truth is that Chile is unique country of this type and although it lies on West-South of Southern American continent Latin rules are only partially acceptable according to this country. Great mixture of nations with predominant European influence created unseen before pretty and intelligent women. European beauty, hot Latina temperament and notes of Indigenous peculiar exotic made all together stunning cocktail.

Where to look up for the girls in Chile? If you are interested this question you are probably not very sure in your personal skills. Because the answer would be EVERYWHERE. It does not mean there is “access” to girls everywhere and you can behave yourself freely and openly. It only means you don’t have to make artificial boundaries in your mind and if you have strong believe you liked the girl go on and try to get to know closer and the only rule is to be sure in what you are doing and to do all the job till the end. If Chilean girl likes you she will pay attention to your efforts. By the way you have foreigner “bonus” what automatically makes you more interesting, but don’t think Chilean girls are easy to foreigners. Since Chile has developed economy and it is one of the most developed countries in the world international cooperation is usual thing here and foreign men are not gimmick. If pretty girl from Chile is what you are dreaming of you have to act freely and be yourself and the result won’t wait for long.

If you are seeing lots of pretty girls on the streets of Chile it does not mean you could make stereotypes about their attitude or if you make those it does not mean your stereotypes would have something common with the reality. Attitude of Chilean women to sex could be very different and there is nothing clear to generalize. First of all it depends on the region. If it is big city like Santiago or Greater Valparaiso it could be more open and the ways the girls in Chile look at sex on the first date, for example, would be much different than the same look of born in rural family Chilean girl raised in Christian traditions or beliefs of the girl from indigenous Chilean tribe somewhere in the mountains. Read also: Amazing dating in Chile

It is easy to find the girl in Chile to go for a date with if you are easy in communication and like to use proper not vulgar jokes. If you are interesting person it is easy to ask a girl for a date everywhere and Chile as a country is not an exception. If the girl see you are sincere about opening something new, about get to know something new about Chilean culture and Chile as the country and you need a good local guide she will eagerly help you. You may even (or better) not call it date, just ask the girl to show you the town, but don’t change your attitude in the middle of the date or at the end of the evening explicitly showing you are interested in sex only. Be slow, gentle and enjoy all the long process as it is the best way to find descent girl in Chile and maybe even have some romantic relations with her ever after.

Women in Chile could be called “hot” and it is not only because they are sexy, but because they have this well known Latina temperament. It is sometimes hard to cope with that if you are leader by the life and you have strong character yourself; however, it might be positive experience for you and everything new helps us to progress personal growth.

To get closer to pretty Chilean ladies you have to speak Spanish. If in the cities English is good, but still most often not enough, in the rural area Spanish is an obligation to get to know Chilean girls closer. If you don’t speak Spanish at least you would feel uncomfortable when two Chilean girls in the company are looking at you, talking to each other and laughing. If you are thinking about “other body language” it would be hardly possible without previous usual way of communication so keep that in mind. Read also: Chilean girls – dating, ways to get acquainted, tips and places to find them

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