Characteristics of typical Estonian woman

A typical Estonian woman appears in our eyes of being tall, blue-eyed and blond. When I imagine such Estonian women as the background I see grey fog and Baltic Sea or red roofs of old Tallinn buildings. Such description has something common with true, but as every imaginary object it has own peculiarities and exceptional facts.

Women from Estonia are not only blonds, but have black, brown and red hair. It is hard to say that exact woman is from Estonia as there are no such distinguishable features. In terms of appearance Estonian women are Europeans and there is nothing more to add; they combine features of Scandinavians and Slavs and German people so they could have really different appearance.

Features that describe particular women are not only about how woman looks like and here we are going to see about temperament and style of typical character of Estonian woman. Estonians are gentle and passionate at the same type. There is stereotype Estonians are slow and do not like to be in hurry. I would have doubts about this theory. I would rather call Estonian women balanced. Yes, they do not like to be in hurry, they plan a lot to be made in advance, they do not really like spontaneous things which can suddenly overbalance them, but they are not slow for sure. Estonian woman can be quite decisive and is able to make decisions in hurry; she just does not like that.

If to speak about Estonian women and sex, they are passionate lovers and can show their best in love games and pleasures, but what is more, they are demanding. That means you will not only “get”, you also have to “give”. This is called such Estonian exchange of pleasures. What makes sex with Estonian woman even better the fact that girls from Estonian usually are very pretty and being in bed with really hot pretty only excites you more. Read also: What should I know when going for the date with girl from Estonia

A typical Estonian woman has two age categories and thus different description. Old ladies who lived in former Soviet Union still speak good Russian and have more traditional way of life, where husband is at work and woman except for work has to take care about house cleaning, doing laundry and ironing; she also has to take care of children and main cargo of duties and responsibilities for raising children is on her fragile shoulders. The other type is modern young Estonian woman. Unlike her granny or mother, she is more European and has pro-west mind and thinking; she is usually a business lady, prefers and often demands sharing of home duties with husband; children are also the matter of both spouses.

Times are changing and the portrait of typical Estonian woman changes as well. It is different than it was 20 years ago and might be changed in the future and this is normal flow of things. No matter what typical Estonian woman is, the fact that this image attracts the sights of men from all over the world only make typical Estonian woman more interesting and needed. Read also: Why Estonian girls are desirable girlfriends?

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