Characteristics of typical Ecuadorian woman

So, how is she, real Ecuadorian woman? What are her main peculiarities and why Ecuadorian women literery deserve to be wanted? By the way, do they, actually?

Women of Ecuador are not very open persons. In terms of international communication and communication in general they are pretty hidden persons. Women of Ecuador are not those with whom you are going to spend a fun time with. You don’t really expect them to be active and proposing things for both of you to do. You have to be leader in relations and always be initiative; she would follow you most often and therefore this does not make these women very attractive in the eyes of foreigner.

There are pretty girls in Ecuador but it is not that there are many of them or so this is taken as a rule. You may find some hot chicks, but you can do the same in the U.S. and there is no special need to visit Ecuador.

Ecuadorian girls are not initiative and despite they are pretty closed in themselves this does not attracts, like if you were teased by something hidden from you and wish to open this; on the contrary, Ecuadorian girls seem sometimes boring, but “indifferent” would be more suitable word here. Read more: Why dating girl from Ecuador may piss you off?

Attitude to sex of Ecuadorian women is mostly also old style, I would say. They seem to be modest and it is even good if you take one for the wife. It is not easy to pick up a girl in Ecuador. Average girls are living in traditional families and Christian families and sex is implied when you are seriously dating for long period. International dating is not that widespread in Ecuador and because of this it is unlikely to get laid in this country with local girl quickly. On the other hand, if you need peaceful, quiet and modest wife, Ecuadorian woman is what you are looking for, but the problem is how long you will try to persuade her you are serious in your relations – and for this you have to blame your western compatriots who visit the country in search of sex tourism and make such bad impression on Ecuadorian women.

Advantages of Ecuadorian girls are their femininity and natural gift to be perfect housewife. Typical Ecuadorian woman knows how to make pleasure for her husband, is great at cooking, knows how to treat foreigners, is good at healing not serious diseases with non-traditional medicine methods; she is great mother and takes care not only about kids, but sometimes treat her husband as the big kid and what is funny it is truth in many cases; I’m not talking about hundreds of house duties she makes every day like cleaning, washing, cooking etc. Ecuadorian woman is such a universal soldier of home atmosphere and she knows perfectly how to build strong family, the concrete of all concretes. Maybe women of Ecuador are not that pretty as in general, but they are caring, feminine and real – possessing such hard to find now on West qualities. Peculiarities of Marriage with woman from Ecuador

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