Characteristics of typical Bolivian woman

When you speak about Bolivian women you have to know it is often implied two different types. To know this better deeply you might need to make the search about history of Bolivia; if you are too lazy and would like to get some info quickly we will help you to find the main answers quickly under the condition you keep reading this article. Still reading? Well… there are two main groups that predominate in Bolivia. As the country had pre-Columbian period during which it was populated by Incas offspring and when colonists from Spain came they started to mix with Indigenous people who lived on the territory of today’s Bolivia. Now we have mixed population, more European looking with some impact of Incas genome and more or less pure blood of indigenous population. So, now you see why it is hard to describe typical Bolivian woman.

But don’t be upset, we will describe both. Typical Indigenous Bolivian women in fact are much less pretty than their counterparts with mixed genome where Spanish influence predominates; the opinion is very subjective, so… I should be sorry if I have offended someone n’ I’m sure is. Well… as for the first group of typical Boliviana or Indigenous women. They like to dress pollera – pleated skirt, bowler hat that was popular in Europe in 19th century and manta – a kind of silky shawl. Must admit, you would not see these dresses on young people of Bolivia. The rest of men and women are dressed same as European people and differences are hardly noticeable. Bolivians do not wear shorts because it is disrespectful. Women are dressed in dresses, skirts and blouses.

If you ask Bolivian woman for a date she will be late as it is normal in Bolivia to be 15-30 minutes late; I will tell you more – if you come on time you will offend the person you have a meeting with; the same when you visit Bolivian family. Bolivian women like small presents. If you liked particular woman and want to show her your attention you may present her flowers (except for yellow and purple), chocolate or wine; gifts you give with all heart will be much appreciated even if they don’t cost much. Read also: Position of Bolivian wife in the family

Bolivian women are great in what is called eye contact. When you talk to woman in Bolivia look into her eyes, otherwise she will consider you as person whom she cannot trust. One more thing, Bolivian women stand very close during the conversation. Do not avoid it and at the same time don’t take it as a hint for something more, it is just how they speak in Bolivia. When woman talks to you as a friend she might give you a hug before she leaves and touch cheeks.

Women in Bolivia unfortunately have lower status than men. This is strongly patriarchal society. Women in Bolivia do not have the same rights the men have because of the reason named above. For some westerners who are in search of girlfriend and wife this information can be useful and Bolivian girl or wife can be perfect – so called real treasure. Typical Bolivian woman speaks Spanish so you better speak Spanish as well if you want to win her attention. Bolivian women are proud of their country and of their origin.

In general, Bolivian women are kind, gentle and family oriented. Traditions are respected in every family and so are very important to every woman, girl, mother. Family, based on traditional religious values is basic fundament of Bolivian society and social structure of the country. Bolivian women are very caring and are worried about welfare of their friends, family, neighbors. Bolivian women respect friends and friendship in general. Friendship for average Bolivian girl is very important and even something sacred. Typical Bolivian lady respects her dignity and has her own moral principles.

In this article we found main characteristics of typical Bolivian woman. Earlier Dating Bolivia wrote: Bolivian girls massively getting married to foreigners

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