Characteristics and qualities of Austrian girl

Austrian women are independent and legally entitled the same rights, opportunities and status in the society as men. Average Austrian woman is much more independent than woman in many other countries. After the marriage, Austrian women do not sit at home as housewives, they have jobs, usually responsible ones. Austrian society is known as liberal, where people are given equal rights, no matter who they are – homosexuals, man or woman, what race or marital status they belong. Austrians are individually oriented and appreciate personal freedom and personal space, do not like to depend on others. Informal relations between man and woman in Austria are common.

Women in Austria have great freedom in the way they dress, but still there are social rules they always follow. Their appearance does not mean they have loose morals and dress up in some easy style. It is more formal, I would say. In Austria it is normal to discuss issues and ideas openly with other people. Some of those ideas might seem even embarrassing to you, but though it is considered normal, do not talk about such issues on the first date. You are expected to be on time in Austria, because punctuality is big thing here, especially if you are going to have a date. If there some reasons you can’t keep an appointment, it is a must to inform immediately the other person.

Austrians like to joke and make fun on other people as well as tease you. If you feel uncomfortable, inform about that and explain why. Beside the fact Austrians joke a lot, they are polite people and usually this politeness is according to the traditions but does not mean sincere feelings to show. For example, they often use words like “We have to meet next time in a cozy atmosphere” or “See you then soon”, but it usually does not have anything common with reality. It is needed to call authorities, teachers and other people to show respect with forms of “Sie” (polite “you”) than “Du”.

And always remember that except for traditions and customs, Austrian woman is woman first of all, and all the women in the world have many in common. So, use all tips you know and your man’s charm and tricks to conquer your beautiful Austrian woman. Read also: Austrian women – what are they like: dating Austria girls