Cambodian women prefer to marry Thai men

If in Western world Thai girls are famous for their smiling and complaisant, in Thailand, many Thais complain about the corrosive and heavy character of their women. As you see, real life is something different than we often imagine. For this and many other reasons many Thais marry women from Cambodia. In general, Thailand and Cambodia are connected by a centuries-old common history and not always this history was good. More than just once one kingdom seized another and completely cut out its inhabitants. Although the relationship can not be called easy even nowadays and are tensed in some way or what.

However, in our days ordinary people pay little attention to politics and follow the expression make love, not war. And if the Thais go abroad more to have rest and prefer Vietnam, South Korea, Malaysia, then many Cambodians come to Thailand with more prosaic goals like earn money. Most of guest workers in Thailandare the Khmer, the inhabitants of Cambodia. Alas, a significant part of the crimes in Thailand is associated with them. And the women of Cambodia believe it’s lucky to marry a Thai. And, I must say, the phenomenon described has received a real noticeable spread in Thailand.

In almost a hundred percents woman from Cambodia who comes to Thailand is married to local Thai man. This happened earlier because of strict regime in Cambodia during past decades that just eliminated people so they were trying to escape the country to survive. In the 1970s, the Khmer Rouge staged genocide against its population and a significant part of the country’s population was destroyed; the civil war actually ended in the late 90’s. Now it is peaceful in Cambodia, but the level of life in Thailand is much higher and Cambodian women come to Thailand in search of better life. It is difficult to argue with the fact that the standard of living in Cambodia and Thailand can not even be compared. After all, Thailand has been developing quite calmly and intensively for almost a century, and Cambodia has recently survived the revolutionary cleansing of the Pol Pot regime and the terrible civil war.

Over the past decades our world has become more open. People know how the other people live in other countries and Cambodia and Thailand in general are neighboring countries. And the difference in living standards in neighboring countries gives rise to a desire of some Cambodians to change something. Read also: What are typical Cambodian women like

Pluses for Cambodian woman are obvious – a full and quiet life and the fact that the average prosperity for Thailand is the limit of dreams for many Cambodians. The Thai man also gets a snappy wife, who in all cases will be much less demanding than a Thai wife. Even if the husband behaves badly, what can she do in return? Leave? But where? Back home to Cambodia? The Thai girl has relatives who always will give her support and help and a girl from Cambodia is in much more difficult situation. Thais use this situation actively.

Another noticeable nuance in the case with the Cambodian wife that there is no wedding rollback to her parents – the ransom is absent or is very small for Thai man comparing with the one he has to pay for Thai girl’s parents. If parents ‘issuing’ a daughter for marriage in Thailand roll out high demanding requirements like money, car etc., the Cambodians will be modest in their wishes. And, of course, the fact that Cambodian girls are considered the prettiest girls of the region also has a great influence for the choice of Thais. Although it is likely that when choosing a woman from Cambodia as a wife the main thing is still a complaisant and undemanding nature. Read also: Woman is the head in Cambodian family

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