Bulgarian Girls are good houseviwes

Bulgarian wife is known to be one of the best in the world in this category because of many factors and among them are beauty, love to husband, ability to find right solutions in hard situations, kindness and intelligence, care about children and family values that are on the top of everything, even her personal needs and feelings are sacrificed to a family prosperity. But that is not full list of advantages Bulgarian woman has. One more plus of Bulgarian woman is that she is good housewife. Be ready that your Bulgarian lady at least once a week is going to clean up the house with wet washing, wiping the furniture and tables. She is also going to do laundry and be ready to prepare some if you have. Vacuum cleaning is what usually expects you on Saturday. Bulgarian men usually not willing to help their wives and go somewhere in their business, so she has to deal with it alone. Have you ever tried to clean up the house alone? Try if not, and believe me, that is really hard so you’ll even sweat. So, don’t escape the house like Bulgarian men usually do, but help you wife and she would appreciate your impact a lot.

Bulgarian wife housekeeping abilities include washing dishes as well because they used to do it from the early childhood. That is what they were learning from their mothers and within the time it strongly associates in her mind with house duties. So, if you don’t have dishwasher or it is broken, it is not a problem and not the reason for Bulgarian woman to be upset or even make a scandal.

She would do the dishes and you will have no problems with that. If you do not have dishwasher and present it for some holiday, she would be one of the happiest women in the world. Such an easy way to make your Bulgarian woman happy.

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Bulgarian women do not afraid of housework and like to do it, because their mothers taught it from the early childhood. Bulgarian girl see that in her family father goes to work and brings money and her mother is doing house work. As a little girl she helps her mother to do the work. The more she grows up, the more work she has to do and finally she is ready to substitute her mother in the field of housework. That is why Bulgarian woman has no problems to do the same in her own family. It is not hard to her and also she takes it as her obligation, because she is wife and has to do all the wife should. Maybe it is weird for western emancipated women but it used to be norm of life for Bulgarian woman for centuries. Nowadays this has been changed, especially in the cities, but in small Bulgarian towns and villages women live as it was years before. Do not expect young Bulgarian girl you met would do all the housework I wrote about. Young generation lives different way of life and if you take such a girl for a wife, she might not be different than wives in America or Great Britain. Also many young Bulgarian pretties dream to marry rich American man so do nothing but shopping and travel famous world spas.

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