British girls and foreigners

Foreigners are happy to start some close relations with girls from the U.K. This is happening because neither climate nor extra measures and weird attitude of Englishmen towards aliens never scared foreigner to get residence permit in the U.K. by using (sorry for true word) women of this country as pass to better world. Sorry to those, whom this may sound rude.

English women are different but in the vast majority they are tolerant, follow manners and what is sad – often are lonely. It is in the case if we are talking about ladies. Some young segment is completely different. Many of such girls never feel lack of man’s attention, because all their life is party, house and unemployment benefit. As many of them live for money they get from the state to raise children, they do not really need to have “permanent husband”, call him this way. They simply need male for procreation process to complete and that’s it. He would give a start to new life and she would get hope for future payments from the government, house etc.

Chances for alien to find British bride are still not high, but it does not mean they are completely close to zero. Lonely elder women with great pleasure would marry young male from Africa, for example. Although, there are examples when men from poor countries married to British women and within some period disappeared after getting the U.K. passport.

Are British girls pretty? Well, the equivalent of prettiness is very different to every single person, but in general all standards of beauty are pretty much the same all over the world (WESTERN world is spoken about). According to such standards of beauty, many British girls would seem not very pretty. Some men from Poland express their opinion and say that the U.K. girls have prolonged faces and bony noses, what makes them non attractive. The other Polish friend of mine resumed this is because for two or three generations they eat chemical food. Well, those are only opinions and different points of view from different angles at the same subject. Read also: Pretty British girls

The main plus is to find the girl, who would get interested in you as the person. This rules not only if we are talking about specifically British women, but in more wide sense it is going about mix cultured relations. In such case barriers and borders disappear in front of feelings no matter how you name it – love or chemistry. The truth of life is you have to find your personal contact. And imagine if you feel happy after and finally found your place in this life with beloved woman.

It is much harder to have such a strict plan to come to the U.K., find appropriate woman, spend lots of time to get her interested in yourself and then some day get married and after this all time get permit for permanent living or citizenship and disappear. Maybe this sounds with the shade of some logics, but in real life it is very hard to achieve, because human being depends on the life situation, circumstances we live in and people who surround us. It would be too simple if everything goes so straight forward, I mean the flow of life. After all, we are not robots and we live in close connections (emotional, verbal, communicative) with all individuals around us. And boyfriend/girlfriend, wife/husband is on behalf of top individuals in this system, so it is not easy to break relations to sacrifice it to some aim you had some 5 years ago.

I hope you got my point and especially those who came to this page in search of easy way to get the U.K. passport through marriage with the U.K. citizen. Aim is something what always helped people to start movement in some direction, but not the final result is achievement. The main thing here is time spent during this way. This time is full of interesting moments, ups and downs, rise and falls and during this time you understand how interesting and versatile life actually is. During this time you enjoy the process and improve yourself. Challenges help you to become stronger and overcoming difficulties makes life fully emotional movie interesting to watch (read: to participate in).

If one day you got the idea to try settle down in the U.K. and as main hope for you is to marry women from this country, I would not insure you not to do this. I would not either warn you not to do this. I would wish you luck and give some hints on this site how to do this better and easier. My only warning would be the final result might be very surprising to you. Surprising in this case means not bad, but interesting and fully colored; so good luck for you, my dear searcher.

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