BRIEFLY: What to know before dating Belarusian women?

Belarusian women are famous for their mild characters and attractive appearances. But if you are a foreigner guy, you need to know some important tips about dating in Belarus.

First of all Belarusian women are hardworking. They will not let you do nothing just because you are lazy. So if you don`t want to help your Belarusian girlfriend in the household duties or if you don`t have any job – you`d better find the girl of another nationality.

In Belarus women and men work both, so for a Belarusian woman it is very important how much you earn. She needs this information to understand if she has the same quality of life when she starts living with you. Sure you don`t need to be a millionaire, but don`t be surprised if she asks you about the level of your salary.

The salaries in Belarus are not high, so if you earn less than she does – your value is going down. Men here earn more, so if a woman has a good salary – it means she is working really hard.

Don`t date with a girl from Belarus if you are not going to be faithful. Belarusian girls are tolerant, but they will not endure betrayals.

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