Bolivian girls massively getting married to foreigners

As far as we can judge from the information about Bolivia taken from the Internet this is quite poor country in South America. Poverty and realization life abroad is prosperous countries like US, Canada or Australia is much better many Bolivian young girls and middle age women are trying to use every possibility to marry rich American or Canadian and move to those countries for permanent living. Some Bolivian girls would like just to use foreign husband as the lottery ticket which will give them citizenship and later they get divorced and being US or Australian citizen they are taking boyfriend or even husband from Bolivia; such situations are quite rare but they have place to be.

So, coming back to the topic of our article I would say rather YES than NO when you ask is it truth that Bolivian girls marry foreigners eagerly. They are eager to escape from poor and even dangerous Bolivia and dating and getting married to representatives of other countries who visit Bolivia. As the tourist you have to be aware when visiting Bolivia, because one day you can meet pretty girl who will show her interest to you but in reality she will be member of some gang who kidnap foreigners or will lead you to the hands of bunch of Bolivian guys who will force you to withdraw your money from credit card; the smallest harm such a girl can make you could be using you as wallet, you pay for her drinks and dinner and she will disappear; worse if she’ll examine your wallet, jewelry, credit card and after dinner when you are coming back to the hotel her friends meet you somewhere on the street; so be aware because it is not as terrible as may seem at first, but precaution measures never did not make any harm to anyone.

I can understand Bolivian women who are trying to marry foreign citizens so eagerly; unstable political situation in the country; constant and very spontaneous strikes and often violent meetings on the streets; poverty and low level of medicine; criminal society; lack of work or low salaries – all those reasons call Bolivian women, future Bolivian mothers to escape Bolivia for the sake of their children, whom they would like to bring up in stability and country with high social standards and perspectives for future.

Of course, men from rich west, let’s call them these words, are not stupid as well and if they take Bolivian women for wives, there must be very objective reasons; maybe that will sound too rude, but very often those western men make investment to their future. Very often pretty and well educated girl from Bolivia comes from very poor family and the only way out to escape from misery and poverty she sees in marriage with 60 years old foreigner somewhere from New Zealand, for example. Some of those marriages based on real care, respect and love, but there are many when a poor girl suffers far away from home from inadequate behavior of new psychological unbalanced grand-husband.

Women from Bolivia are ready to accept peculiar for them features of new country, home country of their husband; they are ready to sacrifice their real feelings, longing for home and family to financial stability and relative material independence, because in any case they depend on husband supply usually not working in new country but being at home as housekeeper and babysitter but with the status of wife.

Bolivian girls really would marry foreigner eagerly if he is from prosperous country and if he is not than only love rules; not every girl from Bolivia dreams about marriage with American or Canadian, take it into consideration but if you show her and her family your best sides you are able to conquer her heart; many Bolivian women use foreigners as the ticket to better life so there is nothing common with feelings or love and you may be disappointed because of that; Bolivian girls are Catholics in vast majority so strong religious traditions could be one more probation you have to overcome with dignity if you really need for Bolivian wife.

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