Blur tips for the first date with Lithuanian girl

Are there any significant differences between dating Lithuanian girl and dating American girl, for example? Of course, there are but this difference is mainly based on mental difference and cultural differences. Although, these differences are minor and according to the fact that Lithuanian girls are Europeans and Americans have a lot in common with Europeans as well it makes dating of American man and Lithuanian girl quite possible. We have some secrets that can help men when they are dating girls from Lithuania.

Not making the preamble too long and instead of telling you things like you have to act but not to think and dream, we would rather focus on the main tips that could help you conquer the heart of Lithuanian girlfriend.

When you are having the first date with Lithuanian girl you have to understand date with the foreigner already makes it special for her. And for you. But for you it is not as important because you have different aim – impress her and build long term relations with her in the future. So, here we will use your tramps, your powerful sides, let’s say so. You are foreigner and you are something new for her. For some time this fact would help you on the first date with Lithuanian girl, but only for some time. Later you both will communicate not like two foreigners but like man and woman and such cross cultural communication knows no boundaries. Your emotions, mimics and gestures will show her on the subconscious level who you are.

To say the truth, every girl likes strong man. I mean, he might be not too strong physically, but when man has strong character and developed willpower it always attracts women and has positive influence on them. Lithuanian women are not an exception. It really works, because this is formed on the genetic level between man and woman. Of course it does not mean you have to show your superiority in front of the girl. Being confident would be more than enough. Women feel that when they are on the date or when they just have conversation with man. Read also: Characteristics of typical Lithuanian woman

One more very important advice for men who would like to or who already are dating to Lithuanian girl is to be who you are and not pretend. If you are open and sincere Lithuanian girl would see that. Even if you have some drawbacks, remember everyone has and your Lithuanian girlfriend has them as well. But we like people for what they are, for pluses they have and not for drawbacks. Firstly we pay attention to appearance and then we explore the person more deeply. The same with Lithuanian women. You see the girl and she seems a little overweight and that is minus but you start talking to her and she seems a great girl. You start communicate with her every day and see that you can’t live without her. You don’t even remember that she has some extra kilos. See, the same is with you and if you have some so called cons, there are definitely some pros. And there are much more of them. Don’t be afraid to show your weak sides, but make it only if it is vivid. Don’t start conversation about your minuses; just don’t try to hide them. If she asks you about this you better use some joke and that would help not to pay attention to this anymore.

The best place for the first date with Lithuanian girl is trivial and quite conservative – you ask her to some good restaurant. But if you are both young and like active way of life restaurant could be too serious and boring for you both. If you are guest in her country, ask her to show you the city, some interesting places and you will not have any trouble thinking of where to go and what to do. The restaurant or what is more possible – some fast food or café could be the places to have your meal. When you explore something new it is easier to communicate, because you see different things all the time and can ask many questions and listen to her stories rather than sitting at the restaurant table and in the tensed atmosphere find up what to talk about. If it is so hard use rule number one – be yourself as I advised earlier – go for the first date with Lithuanian girl where you would like and feel more comfortable and here you will show you are initiative – and this is our rule number two.

If you are creative person you can use your imagination when having the first date as well. Showing your rich inner world by inventive places to go and pleasant surprises like flowers bought on the street when she does not see this (under the reason you went to the WC, for example) could help you to impress the girl as many Lithuanian girls today complain they are bored with everyday routine.

Making no mistakes at all is impossible in our life. Making no mistakes in relations with women is also impossible. But who said there are some mistakes at all? Who knows woman so perfectly that can give some advices what is good and what is bad or what is right and what is wrong in terms of relations with woman? I am not trying to say these rules are ultimate, but based on the years of observations and studies there is high chance they could help you to get attention of particular woman. “There is a chance” means it is highly possible, but works not always because every single woman is rather individual and in your case you can improve your personal skills by using general rules and adapting these rules to the girl you like. In most cases it would work, although in some it won’t. Anyways, you will see the result and in general it would be positive. Read also: Typical Lithuanian family

Summarizing all that was said before I will focus once more on the action and how important is action in our life. I would also remind you that you were born in one of the best countries in the world for life and if you don’t use this chance you have to think about those men who dream but cannot afford it themselves. I mean, you can easily buy a plane ticket and fly to Lithuania. Your income gives you such a possibility and to be honest, your work is not that hard. Many men abroad work physically for 12 and even 16 hours and get 10 times less than you or even more. So, are you still thinking of improving your life and making some efforts in the way to have success implying dating girl from Lithuania? Come on, lift your fifth main “point” and make some actions and in half a year you will see how your life is going to be changed for better. Some day you are going to read this article smiling how gutless, lazy and indecisive you were.

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