Benefits you get when dating and later marrying Armenian woman

It is not a secret dating Armenian woman brings vivid benefits to the life of average man. Looking at this from some other side it is vivid this man is not that average, but probably has some unique features of character that lead him to this choice; if to rephrase in general, he is the lucky one and why we will see later. No doubt this guy has many bonuses and those are hidden and widely open to everyone advantages. The deeper we dig into those grounds of reasons, the more pluses we find not only considering dating, but also considering marriage with Armenian girl.

There are many details we could describe, but they are not very important if to take them out one by one. Every such detail is joining to another one make unique substance of character that makes Armenian woman so unique. Today we are going to focus only on major details and in some of later posts we will pay attention to minor details that are not that important, but still make unique style of Armenian woman. So, let’s go and start to calculate details one by one.

Armenian woman is not going to be a wife who sits at home and waiting her husband to come and bring some cash which she could spend as quickly as she would have a possibility. Unlike Slavic girls, who often go abroad because of marriage and hope to sit at home because they are such untouchable beauties, Armenian women are ready to work. Work is not only a source of making money for Armenian girl, but also a way to show up her potential but also the way to be useful for the society and if the work contains elements of creativity, a way to express herself. When most of Eastern princess come to the United States to leave at the expense of the husband, those Armenian girls are ready to support family in different ways and material aspect is one of those ways. American husband would also be happy if they not only share family budget, but both bring income to it and this is normal situation when a wife is American. But except for being responsible workers, Armenian women are great housewives. We are not going about facts when some Armenian girl married to foreigner, comes to his home country and because of not speaking English, for example, should stay at home cooking and cleaning because of the language barrier. Today I want to tell you about Armenian girls who go to work during the day and after work are ready to show their hospitality and perfect housewife features. Husband would not like if his wife is always at home, doing dishes, making toasts and cleaning bathroom. Man would quickly lose interest to such a wife, because in his subconscious thoughts she is already conquered and he has to move to other pikes. Must admit, Armenian woman would never be a housewife if she does not want so. It has been her will and her desire to be home family woman. By the way, she is a woman in all deepness of colors this word could make in your brain. She is ready to be a house keeper, a chief and look after the children, but only combining it with work and other socially useful activities. Otherwise, her man would not be interested in her, as nanny would quickly become not interesting for him anymore. In some minor cases Armenian woman would stay at home all the time if her husband wishes so and if it is also her own will.

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Armenian women are got used to stressful factors and are always ready to overcome the difficulties. This happens because they have ability to survive and this is the evidence of their genome that survived for centuries with such a great instincts, that could be easily vanished in times of wars and conflicts of the past. We would not observe some strong feministic moods among Armenian women, but this does not mean they are so submissive. They just want respect and love and those two ingredients make the scheme work perfectly. Family is somewhere in the center of the Universe for Armenian woman and this is what most of Western women had already lost. This is unnatural as for me, but I am sorry if it was told with some exaggeration and offended Western women. Very nice is that fact that Armenian woman likes to take care and raise the kids, look for the cleanness in the entire house without the help of chambermaid. At the same time she is hot and never forgets to be passionate lover in bed. As the result of this pure passion, in mixed Armenian American families there are 3 or more kids. What a wonder nowadays, yeah? In addition to that Armenian woman is personal accountant for her husband and family in general as she knows how to plan the family budget with expenses and incomes and without being greedy or harsh to her husband; just idyllic relations we see here.

There are many cases when American man is very indecisive and does not know or afraid to make a step from dating to marriage. Do not be too excited al, the time as the high time to make decision would come and if you will not be ready, and she would have to choose someone else. It does not mean this would happen this day, it is going about serious things like she would not feel safe near you as you didn’t show her who is ruling the house, who is the man in relations. If she did not feel a real male near, a male who is able to protect her, to protect kids and all family in general; to protect from cold and protect from bandits, to protect materially with cash. What are you going to get if you are still staying with Armenian girl? Of course, a lot of love. a lot of care and a lot of fun as feeling of humor they have on a very developed level. Boredom – is not a word told about Armenian woman. Armenian women are very book smart and street smart, they have high IQ level, so are interesting to talk with, to discuss different topics; intelligence is what you may find so rare when we speak about pretties; but Armenian women do not fit here. Funny thing is you have to be smart enough in order not to be a complete dummy; though, who cares if she liked you because you are interesting person? (Or maybe because your wallet is full and have a debit card with some six to seven zero).

It is so cool to have pretty Armenian for the wife. Such a nice, interesting and even mysterious beauty would do wonders with average American guy and would make all his friends to start look up for some other Armenian girls. She would be probably asked to bring her friends next time or sometimes could be questions like – Do you have a sister like you? Armenian girlfriend is something unbelievable; unbelievable luck for every American man. It is great to date with model, but it is even better to marry shy pretty model and then to observe how model is making food, how model is cleaning the house and how model is taking care of kids. But much more interesting to stay in bed with model every night, and this model is your Armenian wife. Good luck with your search, I hope you enjoy the process of Armenian wife search. Good luck and wish you to find Armenian girl as quick as possible.

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