Benefits of dating Moldovan woman and marriage with Moldovan woman

As a wife, Moldovan woman is always ready to work, in Moldova she does not sit home as housewife and there are three reasons for why Moldovan woman in the US is a housewife:

1) She does not speak fluent English (or English at all) at first or she does not have proper diploma or education to work in the USA

2) Husband prefers his wife to be at home, cook, and clean the house

3) Woman is a housewife because she wants so, or she is for nanny for her kids as family cannot afford to hire nanny or considers it as extra expenses.

So, Moldovan woman in appropriate circumstances will work same as her husband do and bring money home.

Moldovan woman is highly stressful and is able to fight with difficulties. Non-feministic and not emancipated, traditionally behaved to do “woman’s work”. She is very pretty, intelligent, educates children and takes care of kids and husband. She is very good in the kitchen and good in bed. Moldovan woman counts family expenses and manages them in proper quantities, so she is personal family bank manager. Besides, she is always ready to be personal psychologist to her husband, gives great advices how to react in particular situation.

If you are dating with Moldovan girl, you have to jump from excitement and lift up your head high, as you are dating to a representative of one of the most pretty worlds nationalities and the best proof is your girlfriend. You never get bored with her as she is highly intelligent person and your common life is full of interesting activities. Sometimes you are even a little ashamed of the fact your girlfriend is smarter than you are.

When you are walking down the street, she is a subject of other’s men envy and her you lift your head up once more. Your Moldavian girlfriend is not only intelligent model look girl, but she is also a good friend of yours and if for some reason one day you lose her, you will understand that very quick. Dating with Moldovan girl is able to rise up man’s self esteem as such a pretty girlfriend near is the symbol of successful man, able to achieve many in his life.

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