Belarusian society troubles and why women of the country seek for foreigners

What is the main problem of the Belarusian society? The fact that women in Belarus and Belarusian man have nothing special. Of course, there are exceptions. In Minsk there are five hundred people who knocked down, work on non-native level. But, alas, they are not yet being determined. Of course, in Belarus are spreading the ranks of men, for whom self-care is not only freshly laundered socks. They go to beauty salons and luxury boutiques. Or at least in the shopping center “Ozas” on the second floor, well, where Vilnius Hugo Boss can be purchased at the price of the Minsk Mexx. For Belarusian women this stage has been passed long ago. But the main problem is that the new one has not arrived.

The problem (and for foreign man an advantage) is that most of Belarus women can not resist when they “feel” or see big sum of money. They loose morality or whatever you call this and behave in different way as if she would know you earn not much. This is one of popular facts describing how easy Belarus women sometimes can be. Psychologists are trying to sell to the complex structure that is natural selection, and any female wants to choose a male representative, but it is only partially truth.

The general trend (of course, there are exceptions) is that the desire to live a richer life is not supported in mass Belarusian girls by intention to make it the most and earn money themselves. Accordingly, any programmer or financier, waving “Dom Perignon” dramatically increases his quotes. So it was so and will be so in Belarus. No matter what brand she is dressed in and how much smart movies she has seen, the strive to be married is usually not her own will, but because “it is needed so”.

One may say that Skorina was a teacher of Ivan Fedorov and the place of Belarus is in Europe among its ancestral values. But as long as any secured man can choose among few interesting girls for the evening to and pick-up one or all of them, and leave on the night of any club with them, the place of Belarus now is somewhere in the Byzantine layouts.

In Belarus, the mentality of many girls is as in Cuba. Someone blames the Soviet system for that. However, the Lithuanians were under Soviets also. But knowing so many young ladies from Lithuania, I can say that the right way (career, favorite thing, a loved one) there has a much greater extent.

And so the center of Minsk is full of aging Arabs or Italians. In large coffee houses you feel yourself at the fair depravity where everyone is winking, thickset dwarfs brunettes are transplanted to the table and treat as much champagne, in which five varieties of apples met and formed a mix similar to what happens in the coffee shop. Fermentation of people and relationships it’s a dark Belarusian cider, never having nothing common with European values.

Yes, of course, political correctness and the so-called equal rights for women in the West have acquired a shade of degradation. But not in all and not always. In any case, it is much nicer to communicate, meet and have sex with personalities than with blondes who are thrilled by spending 400 dollars on them, combining what is happening with incredible thoughts about the big and pure love right in the night club.

What is good about mega-cities? Yes, there is more crime, traffic jams and other uncomfortable symptoms. But mega-cities are the time and place for individuals. The biggest problem of the Belarusian society is the absence of mega-cities in all its forms. The country in which it is so easy to meet and captivate many women must have serious problems. Indeed, Belarusian men does not have nothing special. Here he came in with grace of village field worker, staring at the women. See, I have come. Interests: local band, turning skewers with barbecue on the weekends, drinking beer, playing tanks (soccer). No room for scope.

In my opinion, both parts of Belarus society deserve each other – with its villas, sadly strong drinks, luxury cars, men’s conversations, clumsy attempts to put her lips to Instagram and chuckle over the funny conversation. And, maybe, if some Belarus people go the other way,  someday such society would become the majority of which will not be ashamed. And dwarf brunette sadly returns to his rented apartment alone. Those are only thoughts and while we are writing this or reading, the next foreign sex tourist has come to Belarus in search of easy Belarus women.

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