Belarusian girls are not that popular as wives… they are often chosen for one night stand

It’s not a secret that middle class and even comparatively poor representatives of Western civilization often buy a ticket to Belarus capital (called Minsk, by the way) as for many this is the only way to spend pleasant time with really pretty young girl. Most of them are unable to do this way back home because they have lack of funds to interest a girl of such prettiness level; or they simply have lack of pretty girls at home so they are not competitive with other “rich males” who have already chosen the last accessible specimen; some can’t do this because are afraid of moral principles in their own society. Do you imagine how bifacial and nasty those men are that way back home in Holland, Denmark or Germany they are exemplary family men with honorable wife and few children and visiting Belarus they pick up girls who are just few years older that their teenage daughters and fulfill all their nasty fantasies with them. I guess, this is not normal attitude in 21st century as this shows how primitive some of us are, that we are not even different from animals even though we use technologies and modern appliances. Those men behave in such a way because they only know that no one would know about their affairs – isn’t this terrible? Isn’t it the same that if you were allowed to do some crime without punishment you would do it?

Ok, emotions rule this text and this article, but is it only about Western men? Ok, Russians also visit Belarus and do the same as Westerners. To rephrase, I would say: – Is it only about men? The answer is: NO

In Russia there is a proverb that sounds like: if she male dog doesn’t want, she won’t allow male dog even to come close. Belarusian girls allow foreigners to treat themselves like a piece of meat. If you visit any club in Minsk, there are plenty of girls who do such an erotic things with their bodies and do such dances in order to attract foreigners that you won’t be surprised why they are treated like that. But people are prone to think stereotypically and when they assume such type of Belarusian women very often they determine all women of this country to be like that. Of course, this is wrong. Very, very wrong.

But let us think why many young and pretty Belarusian girls are jumping into bed with every rich (often aged) foreigner? Is it because they are so horny and like sex? If it was so, they would look for relations with young and strong males. So, what is the real reason? The reason is poverty! So now let us think, how moral is to use the girl if you know she is in material need? Is it ok for normal educated, accomplished man? I guess no. BUT! Is it ok for girl to “sell” her body and get material reward in return? Of course, no, and I will explain why. Maybe Belarus is comparatively poor, but if you have a job you have enough to feed yourself. But those girls who are selling their body to foreigners just want to live fancy life, they want to have expensive gifts, gadgets, cars… live in luxurious apartments, travel around the world. The only thing I could somehow understand is attempt to escape Belarus, but I don’t respect the way they are trying to solve it.

Now about marriage. Slavic women are very popular around the world as wives, because they have not only gorgeous appearance which would make every man envy, but they are good housewives, do not stand out with equal rights and in general are very feminine and caring. Belarusian women also belong to Slavic type, but foreigners are more eager to marry Ukrainian, Moldovan, Polish women, but not Belarusian. Why? Because of all what is written in first few paragraphs. Some relatively small amount of girls recommended themselves in such a way that the whole Belarus is stereotypically accepted by most of the foreigners like a huge brothel, although it is not like that in reality. But stereotypes are very hard to break down. When something bad is done once, it is very hard to forget, even if it is substituted with many good things. That is why now foreigners prefer to have one night stand in Belarus rather that look for descent bride in this country and that is pity, because there are many girls worthy to become great wife and future mother. In any case, I recommend evaluating every person and situation particularly, but not being biased on stereotypes and general public opinion.

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