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Does anybody know why those Belarus women are so hot? There are girls in Belarus, who live in the countryside and are those who live in the city. Uptown Girls care about their beauty and appearance more so have model look. In Belarus girls who live in villages usually work on collective farms. They do not look so stylish, but if you look closely – it’s natural and unspoiled beauty. When this girl is dress up well, that makes the stuff completely different. Take her to the beauty salon, then to fashion boutiques, hold on a bit and you will see complete changes in the familiar look and in a second this “grey mouse” turns into super model. Such a beautiful, but sweet, naive and sincerely loving wife you will not find anywhere else in the world. Maybe you think it’s like the story of the movie, but it’s true. If you want to find a sincere and true love that becomes your wife and will carefully relate to you and to your future children, then you need to look for a bride in Belarusian provinces.

To explain Belarusian sexuality there are some objective reasons that are easy to enumerate, but few thinks about them. Firstly, it is genetically inherited Slavic beauty that is passed from generation to generation. Belarusian girls inherent slim figure, beautiful features, long blond hair. This list could go on indefinitely, as most associations which arise from the Belarusian women only positive. If you go to Belarus, most likely you will come to the big city, where every day will see many beautiful girls in the bid taste. For Western men to see so many beautiful girls at once, could be shocking. Wherever you are – on the street, in cafes, restaurants, petrol stations, in the office or on the river, on the beach, you will always see a lot of beautiful women that are so beautiful that you could not even realize it. It is natural for them, but very strange to foreigners. Probably, Belarusian men do not realize that every day they live in a beauty contest. Even more spice gives the fact that these women are not specifically trying to look so beautiful, they are so by nature. These beauties go about their business, go to work, to the store, and you think that you are in paradise.

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Belarusian girls regarding slim figures and this is one among other issues which altogether with a beautiful face make them seem so attractive to men. Belarusian women in most slender, usually eat what they want, but these products are natural and of good quality. Belarusians rarely consume fast food. While Western women are on a diet for months, Belarusian women eat all they want, and are in perfect shape. Each rule has exceptions, but in general all written above is true. Come to visit Belarus and see it yourself.

Another reason why Belarusian girls attract attention by their appearance, is that in addition to beautiful body and natural beauty, they look after themselves.

Skillfully using makeup, dress well, wear high heels. All this they do in everyday life, even if just going to the store. The same is true for their appearance at work. At first I did not attach any importance to this, but now I think, Belarusian men must focus hard at work next to these beauties. Perhaps this is a serious obstacle of workflow. Though, they must got used to that and do not see it as something extraordinary. If I was asked to describe the Belarusian woman in short, I would say – model look ladies with a good heart, sincere soul, very caring about her husband and children.

Beauty of Belarusian women is lying in Slavic genetic generation code. In addition, lifestyle of Belarusian women causes them to be active and agile, hard working. They are trained, physically healthy and have a good figure. Despite this, they are worried about their appearance, do daily makeup, wear stylish clothes and remain good, sincere, warm and feminine.

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