Belarus girls values traits

Belarus men are so spoiled by women that these Belarus women lost faith in themselves long ago. They are willing to agree to do anything and allow wipe feet on them.

Someone hammered into heads of beautiful Belarus women that they are not worthy. Do not deserve good man. Are not beautiful enough. Are not smart enough and not good enough and do not comply with the perfect man.

Today, every man in Belarus is regarded as the grand prize. And to get him women have to fight. Otherwise, there is no way to get his attention.

In my environment there are absolutely delightful women. Incredibly beautiful, clever and charming. With a keen sense of humor and having their own place to live. And when another macho with starvation wages and inflated ego leaves her and she is all in tears emotionally exhausted, I want to cry as well. Look around. Surely, there are such women among your friends if you live in Belarus.

Belarusian woman is a woman of dream. She is smart, beautiful and well maintained. She has two master’s degree in economics and foreign languages. She can keep the conversation going about the features of the Mesozoic period, representatives of the Florentine school of the Renaissance, the advantages and disadvantages of gas shock absorbers classic sweeps.

She regularly visits the beautician, rubs, deals and nourishes. She irons, stripped, wash and bleach. She attends cooking classes, can bake “duck Normandy” and “Moroccan recepie lamb”. She is ready to attend the courses “How to make a man happy,” “Intimate massage for him” and training for the disclosure of femininity.

She is ready to adapt to, understand, be wise and pretend to be weak. She is ready to take his children from his first marriage, to walk with his dog and take care of his elderly parents.
And he tells he does not need her anymore and asks her not to call him anymore.

It’s just mind-boggling. That is what Belarus men often do. She is ready to agree to be his lover, ready to live without official marriage, and tolerate anything with him. She is ready to raise a child alone and maintain a slacker husband while he is lying on the couch and complains that the soup is not hot enough and thell that she looks like added some kilos.

A man who actually representing nothing behaves like a king and a god. He is also sloppy and capricious but dictates and demands his rules to be followed. And if he’s really good-looking, successful and drives an expensive car, he will look at you with a complete indulgence look that read openly mocking:

– Come on, try me to like you, make the effort … Ha ha ha … Yes, I have a bulk fo girls like you… just whistle. And Belarus women used to that reaction. They think he is actually right. Such a man. Probably, models are in line in front of his door. So what?

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A lot of negativity in Belarus is concerning the theme of Belarus girls relations with foreigners. I am not exactly in favor of that, but at least I can understand the motivation. And in most cases, believe me, it is not about material gain. No need to turn everything upside down. After being long in a relationship where you, Belarus woman, considered to be nothing, you get used that familiarity begins with the words “hey, what will you drink?” And if man considers ten missed calls is quite normal, well… After unexpected normal attitude of a normal man, who is a foreigner, Belarus girl is sincerely interested in him and regards his attitude as something out of the ordinary.

In general, Belarus women need to reconsider mens attitude to themselves, refusing to believe that Belarus woman does not deserve something.

Belarusian women are valuable treasure. And they deserve to be admired and worn on the hands, cared and wanted. Maybe if Belarusian women begin to really appreciate themselves, they would change the attitude of Belarusian men? But if not… then it is better be alone than with just anyone. Or to find foreign fiance.

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