Belarus girls are good as housewives

Did you know that hundreds of thousands of women in the world dream to retire quickly to become the real housewives? Did you know that millions of workers will give acute envy your apple pie, embroidered vest and purple clematis in summer windows? Yes, being a good housewife is hard work, but many would like to be on the place of housewife. As we know, Belarus women are not only pretty, have good figure, are intelligent, but at the same time they are great housewives, caring mothers and many more. How they find time to do all those things? Man usually do not take into account, how hard is sometimes to clean the house and prepare food. If you are just looking for Belarus wife, this information will be very useful for you. If you have already married Belarus wife, read how hard is her life, because you probably even did not expect anything like that written.

Did you know that a good housewife is able to make president of her husband – and no matter president of what, country, company or football club. Being a housewife, Belarus women does not feel like a victim, she feels like happy woman who got a chance to twist the nest.

Who told you that a housewife is a slave? Her interests always should be taken into account. For one single day Belarusian women physically can manage to cater for a small child, take his nephew to the zoo, clean the house and cook fresh food three times. She is able to do that, but if that lasts for long, she will be exhausted and nervous. She would eagerly do all that stuff, but if you are the husband, do not let your Belarus wife do all such big amount of work daily. Finally she would get tired and feel unhappy, unwilling to have close relations with you, and, surely, you don’t need that.

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The first thing that describes good housewife is that she is calm, relaxed and happy. This is a test of aptitude. And while this will not be achieved, it is strictly forbidden to keep such housewife close to the stove and plates. Being housewife means to work. No one has right to tell woman something like “you’re sitting at home all day, and I came home tired after work.” But, at the same time, it is not quite right, when wife lies down on the sofa watching TV. Work is work and housework implies the distribution of responsibilities and rights awareness, with meetings and planning meetings, with a clear mode of the day and the desire to do everything.

Housewives often break to the mode “I was trying food until cooked “, do not eat properly, having snack cookies and bagels, and as a result, spread out into an incredible weight. Hate themselves, fall into depression, sit on a diet, angry and nervous, frustrated, get fat again – just a horror movie. So normal, balanced diet is overriding thing for housewives. Love yourself for who you are. Even fat. Even uncombed. Even tired. Even miserable. Love yourself all. And the one who loves himself will find the time to do hairstyle, to have recreation and feel happiness.

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