Be aware not to get scammed in Thailand

Person who knows a lot about life’s collisions is able to survive in Thailand. Such a person does not commit serious life errors and is always “on the alert”. But if a person does not learn anything from life she/he is under the risk to be scammed in Thailand. Enterprising Thais easily come across simpletons of different stripes. Scammers in Thailand are always on the lookout and see easy prey. The local population is engaged in all types of business but their business is not always completely legal. Many of them are willing to profit from foreign tourists. But not only Thais scam foreigners in Thailand. Criminals from Europe are eager to fool those who come here solely for the purpose of wishing to buy some property in this fairytale corner.

Foreigners like to invest in Thai real estate. But often foreigners have to make a lot of efforts not to outsmart themselves. After all, some Thais know how to deftly scam tourists for money and real estate. Charming Thai girls play the role of “bait” for gullible foreigners and such a scam in Thailand is a common thing.

The easiest prey for Thai girl scammers are elderly foreign pensioners in Thailand. Those old people usually can not resist them and they can not even imagine that they become an ordinary financial sponsor for Thai beauties. Tricky Thai girls know thousands of ways to draw out of their gullible old man literally all of his money. And in such a scan old European man most often will not even notice how he appears on the street with no even a dime in his pocket. And the streets have their own laws which often are very cruel and if there is no one with a soft and kind heart who will understand and help, then a person may not survive; luckily, the Thais are a very kind hearted people in general. The significant help to the unfortunate foreigners deceived by local Thai women can be rendered by the police. Police tracks such poor people and brings them back to their homeland.

It is impossible to count all methods of deception in Thailand and although it is many written about how foreign tourists get scammed in Thailand people repeatedly step on the same rake. In a fabulously wonderful Thailand you should always keep your eyes open so that the ubiquitous swindlers will not spoil the country’s impressions. Read also: Typical Thailand woman – always young and popular among foreigners

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