Austrian women – what are they like: dating Austria girls

Japanese girls are quite demanding in our society. Attractive Asian appearance combined with their complaisance in behavior leave millions of men crazy about them. But is everything so ideal when it comes to dating? A more detailed look at Japanese girls reveals that despite being extremely gorgeous and having flexible behavior, dating them has numerous particularities in terms of their truly unique traditions and stereotyped misconceptions. Here are some peculiarities you have to carry in mind if you have an incoming meeting with a Japanese female representative:

First date

Arranging a first date with a Japanese girl does not differ from doing it with a girl of another nationality that much. However, you must carefully think about the place and the time of your meeting if you want to end up being successful. Japanese people are known to be very punctual and precise regarding the time, therefore being late is simply unacceptable, especially in the case when the male partner is the one not to show up in time. Inviting your Japanese mistress at home on your first date may not be a good idea either due to Japanese people's traditional reluctance to being a guest. For that reason, a better place would be some kind of cafe where you can spend your time chatting with each other without anything inhibiting your acquaintance. Moreover, try to find out as much information about her tastes as possible, but do not forget that your dialogue should remain obtrusive.

Further communication

Places for your future meetings should be chosen based on her preferences which you found out during the first date. As you get to know each other better, do not be mean to making compliments. Japanese men are convinced that compliments are not that of importance, but Japanese girls do really love to hear them. This approach will make you stand out in comparison with Japanese men and increase your chances of establishing a prosperous relationship between two of you. Although, keep in mind that in spite of being fond of hearing your compliments, Japanese women are still very shy. Do not allow yourself to be rude. As it has already been mentioned, Japanese people have a specific mentality. It means that actions that you consider polite enough can be perceived as insolent on the Japanese side. Never let the outburst of your negative emotions happen.


A separate aspect you should pay extra attention to is gifts. Do not try to gain favor by gifting costly stuff. By doing this, you will impose a responsibility on your partner as responding with an equally expensive present is traditional among Japanese people. It will mean much more to your girl if you heartily gift her a bouquet of cheap flowers or toys with candies.


Even though every Japanese women has her individual qualities, there is no doubt that these peculiarities apply to all of them and taking them into consideration will always make your relationships better.

If you’re a man, who plans to get as much of the country, including a meeting with Austrian beautiful women, make sure you know what to expect from women in this country. Austria is located in Central Europe. This is a highly developed country with financial achievement and is famous for beautiful scenery and elegant women.

Austrian society rather formal. If you go on a first date with Austrian woman it is best when while first meeting you introduce yourself, telling what your name is. If she will give you a hand to shake, do the same thing and shake her hand.

You must know that Austrian women appreciate personal space very much, so do not interfere it, if she herself does not want it. Do not try to hug or kiss Austrian woman on the first date. If you are a foreigner, then explore the Austrian tradition of behavior, in order not to shock the Austrian lady and spoil the date. It is considered impolite and rude to stare intently at a woman’s eyes. Because of formal reasons, you do not have to call the Austrian woman by name. All women in Austria, over 18 are called “Frau” (Lady). You have to use this form of accost and her last name, unless she informs you may call her using first name only. Then only it is considered appropriate in Austria.

Time and punctuality is a big issue in Austria. If you are going to meet Austrian lady with business lunch or if you are going to have a date with Austrian woman you never should be late. And do not expect the same from her. Common thought that it is normal for ladies to be 5 minutes late for a date does not work with Austrian women. Women in Austria are very punctual as it is the style of life here that was accumulated for centuries. If you will late for date with Austrian woman it would mean not that you are careless person as you might think, you are going to be considered rude exactly. You also have to know that in Austria people invite friends for some meeting in weeks in advance. They do this to be sure no one else has invited their friend to some concert or date in, 2 months, lets say. Read also: Role of Austrian women in society and typical Austrian family

Respect for the punctuality has more vivid aspects of Austrian culture than just following the time and be precise. People in Austria follow not only legislative civil laws but also respect and keen on to the rules of social behavior, formed by centuries before. If you want to behave properly on Austrian first date with Austrian woman and want this date not to be the last one, you have to ask your close Austrian friend about norms and rules of behavior or find information on our website. You must know, that it is not ok to hold the door for Austrian woman and pass the door after her. You have to enter first, otherwise Austrian woman would be confused and unsure what to do next. If you want to present flowers for Austrian woman, you have to know rules and superstitions as well. Give flowers with odd numbers only. Red roses are presented if only you already have strong romantic feelings with Austrian woman and just want to emphasize it. Red carnations are better not to present either as they could have connotation of political party. If you were invited to the house of possible Austrian girlfriend, unwrap the present in advance. As a good present you may use chocolate, wine or perfumes. If you have just met Austrian girl and having the first date, be sure that topics for discussion are neutral. It is good to speak about culture and arts, good to know Austrian culture and to talk about impact Austrian culture has brought to the world heritage. You have to avoid the topics of religion and politics, that are considered taboo in friendly conversations not only in Austria, but in other countries.

Austrian women unlike many western European women are dressed up well. They pay attention to their appearance and even when they go shopping they are dressed well. I am not saying they are using a lot of make up or something. Austrian women are dressed up elegantly and conservatively. Even when Austrian woman is dressed informally, she prefers neat and stylish wear. Her clothes is not very bright that screams for her to attract attention, but it is stylish and usually quite expensive. According to all said above, if you are dating Austrian girl, you have to take special care about your appearance in order to look appropriately in front of her. For example, evening in restaurant requires semi formal, but not casual clothes. If you are going to the theater, you have to dress formal suit and classic shoes. This is Austrian and every occasion requires you to be dressed up properly, especially if you are dating Austrian woman.

Although, Austrian women are well socially integrated, they are attached to their house and family relations. It is highly possible your Austrian lady is a great housewife and takes care not only about the house, but about the garden near the house as well. House and family are very important things for Austrian people and if you were invited to the house by your Austrian girlfriend, you have to appreciate that, because it means you are important for your Austrian lady. Take a bottle of good wine for a present and in appropriate moment make her a compliment how good housewife he is.