Armenian woman and American man dating possibilities

Is it common among Armenian women to dream about leaving to the USA for permanent leaving? Do Armenian women dream about dating with Americans? I would rather give the answer “No” to both these questions and the same answer to all somehow connected questions. The thing is Armenian women are raised up in very traditional way and this has a great impact on their behavior and ability to choose boyfriend. If you are American citizen and decided to date Armenian lady, you have to understand for Armenian girl dating is only a process previous to marriage. So, if you decided to date Armenian lady, that means you have decided to marry her, otherwise dating is not possible.

Of course, in Erevan or some big cities there are more emancipated girls who were influenced by western values and among them you may find a girlfriend and dating with her would remind you classic dating type, but with very pretty girl. But if to speak about Armenia in general, for average American man it would be hard to find girl for dating in Armenia. First of all, as I wrote, it is because of the traditions and peculiarities of Armenian culture. Girls are brought up in strict Orthodox Christian values and their first boyfriend is for sure their husband and her first man, otherwise she would be considered “spoiled”, condemned by society and no one would like to marry or date her. By the way, this is a good chance for you to find such a girl in Armenia. She would be much better in appearance and behavior than any American woman. Imagine if in America it would be a problem for woman to get married if she had sex with one man before marriage. And if she had sex with more than one man? It is true all Armenian girls attempt to keep their innocence till they are married. See, what is normal in western world is just unacceptable in Armenia. You have respect the rules and traditions of this country, but you might use some benefits for yourself, using the same traditions; better to say finding contacts with those local girls who didn’t manage to follow traditions and are considered immoral in their society.

The second obstacle on the way to finding nice person to date with in Armenia might be the language. If you don’t speak Armenian, you are going to have tough times there, as most of Armenians do not speak English. The situation might be slightly easier in big cities, e.g. Erevan, but still language barrier would for sure cause problems on the way to your aim. What is the other possible way for American guy to find Armenian girl for dating? Very simple way is to find such a girl in America. This way has its pros and cons. Good things are she is in the USA and you don’t have to live the USA and fly away to unknown, maybe dangerous country and don’t have to spend money on the trip. The other plus is if Armenian girl is in the USA, she speaks fluent English and the language barriers are not a problem for you anymore. If this girl has came to the US, she is intelligent and, probably, is not as much keen to Armenian traditions, so you can have usual American type date, in case she’d agree to go for one with you. You have unique chance to be her guide in the US if she has just recently came; and such your attention and attitude is a good chance to start serious long-lasting relations. Remember, she does not know almost anyone in foreign country yet and you could be the one who would help her to fight cultural stress and other difficulties. She would be really thankful and if close relations would not be possible, you’ll get a great helping friend. But all depends on you and how you are going to use the situation.

To sum up, you have to know, Armenian girl is unique diamond, hard to get. She is pretty, intelligent, great housewife and caring mother, but she is rather looking for Armenian man, her compatriot, to date and marry. Dating and marriage are closely connected meanings to Armenian woman, as usually they date and get married once for life with the same man. If you are American man, who would like to find Armenian girlfriend, it would be very hard, but possible. Remember never give up if you wish something, but at the same time also remember Armenian girl would not date with you just for dating or for fun. These relations have to be serious, so if you are not sure in this, you better not date with her. If your aim is only get her in bed, this might be very offensive to her and her broken illusions you were serious about her could bring her to serious tragedy, so keep that in mind. Different situation is with American Armenians, who were born in the US and live American lifestyle, but are so hot and so pretty. You can attract those girls by the same approach you’ve got used to attract any other American girl. The case is she is much more beautiful that other girls and she knows that perfectly and likes to use her beauty. So here there are no easy steps, as well, but the one who never tries, never gets anything and it’s better to try and be sorry about that, than be sorry you’ve never tried.

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