Armenian men: do they lose their women?

It might be very popular to marry women of some other nationality or even race; at least it might be some kind of exotic thing maybe, but not for Armenian man. If Armenian man loses his girl he would lose his pride first of all. That is why it is not only unpopular in Armenia for man to lose his wife or future bride; it is a synonym of catastrophe. And now let us think if men from Armenia in general would start losing their women what it would lead for? In terms of the whole country it is global issue that will bring to death of the nation within some time. It might be few centuries or some longer period or even 50 years, as it depends on quantity of people who represent some particular nation, beliefs of the nation and their strength and also traditions and customs of the nation.

We all perfectly know that the world is slowly or fast moving to globalization. We don’t know sometimes is this real truth or someone gives us this idea through media, internet and other sources. But, globalization means quick or slow movement to agony of different nationalities, their mixture and assimilation. The stronger nation is and the stronger country it represents, the more assimilative and dominant this nation would be. In terms of Armenia it means that because of some financial factors and much more rarely because of Western influence of freedom, emancipation and equal rights for men and women Armenian women would like to implement all written above into real life. Armenian men are very strict, demanding and have strong character that literary “explodes” in seconds. Because of inability to change the character of their Armenian husband and inability to change something such women try to do some outsourcing. This becomes more and more typical for young women from Armenia. More and more of them are trying to leave the country not only to explore the world for some time, but to leave their homeland forever.

What are real reasons Armenian women would like to find foreign fiancée instead of Armenian one? Well, the first comes up into mind we were just discussing and this is character of Armenian men. But if to think carefully, the character of Armenian man makes him to be such a real traditional Armenian, rising up his sons with such brave, strict and masculine Caucasian atmosphere; and if not, this would be not Caucasian man, as I see. Well, if the reason is not in Armenian man himself, than the reason is in something else… or in someone else… and this might be Armenian woman. Armenian woman who would like to escape from real Armenian man in her home country is the main destroyer of Armenian society as man should be like he is and this is what the main bone in the skeleton of nationality is. Stop… stop… but to survive every nation has to find ability to adaptation otherwise it would disappear from the face of the Earth and the quicker this adaptation is possible, the better it is for the sake of the nation. But the adaptation is not possible without men’s and women’s changing. Some traditions should be changed to the modern requirements; some attitude in the family and family rules has to be modernized to new world social standards. All those things are not possible without strong cooperation of both – man and woman. And if we are asking ourselves the question: why Armenian women are trying to escape from their men abroad to some foreign country, there are might be few reasons.

In fact, Armenian women do not lose their women in such a great catastrophically amount. To say in other words, Armenian women do not go abroad in huge quantities and this is not fully organized movement that reminds epidemic. To tell the truth, in comparison with other nationalities, Armenian women go overseas rather rarely than women of other nationalities, but in terms of Armenian population it could be huge amount within the next 10 years, let’s say. So, Armenian men have to be aware in order not to lose their women and not willing to happen the fact when Americans massively visit Armenia in search of pretty and workable housewives. In order such a situation would not happen and rather be a bad dream, Armenian men probably have slightly change their strict attitude to their women, daughters, wives and, of course, to developed the economy of their country so women of Armenia would not be such eager to leave Armenia for prosperous America, the land where dreams come true, as they think.

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