Argentine women and foreigners – what you should know?

It is not that Argentina is popular destination where foreign tourists are looking for love and sometimes would like to have quick result, but more and more people are interested what is the attitude of Argentinean girls to close relationships after the first date and are they eager to be with foreigner for serious lifetime relationships. Let’s give some more light on the situation.

Very often “accessibility” of the girls depends on the level of country’s development, but very often it does not. So, you never know. The more developed economy is the more independent women are and that is the case with Argentina. Ususlly it is like this, but not always. The thing is that Argentina along with Chile and Brazil are the most developed countries in South America and Argentina and Chile are one of the most developed in the world. This gives huge impact on women of the country. Women of Argentina appreciate their time and value themselves alot. They are ready to give love to man but for that they would demand much more from the man.

Argentinean girls are very independent, overwhelmed and pretty, so it is not easy to get one as your girlfriend, unless she wants that herself. It is also hard to say they are very interested in foreigners and particularly, in Americans. Maybe some of them are but that doesn’t mean they would like to continue and keep very close with you.

In this article I don’t want you to think that I consider women from poor countries easily accessible to foreigners and women from developed countries – not. I respect all women and I know that in many relatively poor countries women have high level of dignity, self respect and morality and would never go for close relationships quickly either with foreigner or local guy – it doesn’t matter. At the same time I don’t want you to think women from developed economies and rich countries are too moral and always keep to certain rules of morality, because it would be just not true.

In terms of Argentina, I can’t say girls in this country are very eager to start any type of relationships with men quickly. There is no difference if it is going about foreigners or locals. On one hand your personal experience does not mean all the girls in Argentina are the same, and on the other hand  popular stereotypes might not always be true. In most cases – they are not.

It also happens that Americans, or Australians, or guys from any other developed country, simply use girls from poor countries. How does it happen? The girls think if foreign guy went for a date with her and bought a present (like flowers) he is going to marry her (possibly in the future) and for now he thinks of becoming a boyfriend (at least). She thinks of serious relationships and he is just a peculiar type of tourist. In terms of Argentina such scenario would rather not work. Women here are intelligent, pretty, and emancipated well enough and both – street smart and book smart. It is hard to win such lady’s heart at all and I am quiet about getting some close relationships at fast.

Argentinean women are also known as the most proud of themselves on the whole South American continent. They like to take their time, to have fun and relax and like their men to… serve them! Women in Argentina are in charge and they rule here. Not as the rule, but most often.

If you are ready to struggle you may visit the country and try your luck here. You can also check your skills in Argentina, but remember that in general Argentinean women are very picky and they decide which man to choose, but not the man. If you check such places as night clubs and local Argentinean bars, you may find there girls who would probably be eager to spend time with you, but that is another story and it doesn’t prove majority of Argentinean girls are dreaming about foreigner to spend time with. Not at all.

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