Are women from Belarus looking for true love or cure for poverty?

One of the main wishes of a person – to find real love. Not just to be rich, to be healthy, feel safe and so on. All these goods are needed too, but they are not enough. So people go on trying to find their soulmate, even if they fail and have only bad experience in dating.

Sometimes people are fed up with the citizens of their native country, so they start thinking that they will be more happy with foreign men or women. Anyway tastes differ. You can understand what you really like and need only after socializing with different people.

If to talk about Belarusian women – they are not the exception either. Female creatures are more emotional than male, so usually women need to feel that they are loved more than men do.

There are few foreigners in Belarus. According to statistics in Belarus most of the marriages happen between citizens of Belarus. And as most of Belarusian people are not rich, it proves that Belarusian women marry men not because of money. Otherwise there would be a lot of marriages with rich foreigners.

Sure there are some other reasons to marry somebody, not just because of love.

Women marry:

1) not to become an old spinster;

2) to born children and to have one more person to care about them (her husband=their father),

3) to feel her parents satisfied she is not alone anymore;

4) to feel comfortable socializing with married female friends;

5) to forget about the questions like “why are you unmarried still??”.

Some Belarusian women want to marry a foreign man, because:

1) the character of another nation can be a better match for her;

2) the foreigners from some other countries have a better level of life. But anyway another nation – another problems. The life is too different. The language is usually different. So such foreign marriages are not an easy thing. By the way most Belarusians speak Russian all the time and hardly ever use any foreign language. Sure in Belarus children have English or German lessons at school. But if you don`t use the language – you lose it.

So it is wrong to say uniquely that all women from Belarus are looking for true love or maybe they all need only money. You will have to find it out. If you are rich, just don`t tell the woman about your wealth at once. And it`s a bad idea to give her very expensive presents. First of all she will feel confused, like you are trying to buy her attention. And, of course, she will understand you are not an ordinary person. You can try to know her character instead and goals in life. And then you will understand if she is the right one for you.

P.S. Don`t forget about flowers.

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