Are Venezuelan women popular as brides among American men?

Well known fact is that Americans are often interested in Latina beauties, but their main goal is not marriage, but rather spending quick time with some pretty South American chica; rarer are cases when American guy has the aim to start dating Latina girl from some of South American countries. But everything is changing when speaking about Venezuela. As you might already know, women of this country are top 5 in the world by their prettiness and which man does not dream of having pretty wife? In case with Venezuelan bride it is going not only about usual pretty face – Venezuelan women are EXTREMELY pretty, they have gorgeous figure, long legs, deep eyes, big breast – and those are only advantages of appearance.

The beauty of Venezuelan women is the main reason why Americans visiting the country in search of pretty bride from Venezuela, but there are many other reasons, which are not less important and in some cases and for some people are even more important.

American man who is looking for bride overseas is hoping to find devoting wife except for other advantages. This devotion could be associated with family oriented Venezuelan brides, good housewives and stuff. If American man is looking for a bride abroad it means that for some reason he was unable to find wife in the USA. So, it is usually happens that American fiancé is 20 or 30 years older that his Venezuelan bride; must mention, that he usually has average American income but for girl from poor Venezuelan family he is rich man. There are American men who are tired of American women’s’ emancipation and that is why they choose Venezuelan women instead, as they are known as family oriented, do not have intention to make career and treat the husband as the main person in the family. Many American men like such kind of things and appreciate women from Venezuela. Read also: Venezuelan man: what is he like?

One more fact why Venezuelan women are popular as brides for American stands for their ability and willing to take care of the household. American woman would rather share the duties with the husband, unlike Venezuelan wife who will wait for her husband to come back home from work with hot supper, clean house and playing children.

Venezuelan wife is happy to have a position of good housewife. Some American women might say that it is serving the husband, but not life. Well, Venezuelan women got used to live such a life and that is not only normal to them, but they actually like such king of life flow. In any case, if American husband is wise and loves his Venezuelan wife, he would never make the things leading to exploitation. He will show his wife the way where she can improve herself within every single day. He could show her other interesting activities like traveling, visiting new places in the USA and abroad, visiting psychologist if she has some problems or fears, visiting yoga classes and doing meditation – all those things that she could not afford in Venezuela because of lack of money, lack of time or lack of appropriate places and even people.

As you can see so far, marriage of American man and Venezuelan woman brings many positive aspects in life of both spouses. Everyone gets what he was looking for and this sounds fair. Venezuelan wife gets a ticket to better life in developed and civilized country, where she could not only live secure life, enjoy the things that she never had before, but she could also give better life to her children. American husband in its turn gets young and pretty wife, who is the subject of envy of his friends and sudden passers by, a wife who is ready to make his family nest cozy and live, a woman who will not ask for much, but a woman who is happy with what she has. Actually, people do not need to have a lot in this life, they just need to be happy with everyday life. So, yes, Venezuelan women are popular as future brides for American men and no matter what are the real reasons for that, but the main that such marriages make people happy. Read also: Marriage in Venezuela – choosing an exotic wife?

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