Are Ukrainian women trying to marry foreigner in 2019?

We may speak about pure love and feelings, but no one will deny financial wealth is no less important in successful relationship that spiritual factor. Balance is important in everything and here as well. We do not say that only having enough money person feels happy, because there are many financially successful people who have problems in personal life. How this all is connected with Ukrainian women and their desire to marry overseas prince? Very simply: there is direct connection between economical situation and political unstability and desire of Ukrainian women to escape the country in one of many possible ways. One of such ways is exactly marriage with foreign man. However, it does not mean we have to perceive all Ukrainian women like those who would escape the country under any price. This also does not mean such Ukrainian women have lack of spirituality and are mercantile monsters who are in search of money only. There are both sides of the medal, of course, but lets not draw everything in only black or white, because the truth is, as always, somewhere in between.

Let us take as an example some average Ukrainian woman, or even better, just average woman. What is she dreaming about? Of course, about personal happiness, which often includes possibility living harmonious life, traveling, visiting different places; in case with Ukrainian women they dream to have happy family, based on traditional values. Many say they want better future in secure and descent country if not for themselves, than at least for their future children and such position is clearly logical and understandable. They are choosing between Ukraine where they will be working and getting not enough to buy themselves needed products and pay the bills, with no hope for successful future, absense of possibilities to buy personal flat or house because of lack of money and cosmic prices. They clearly see that most of young and perspective population of Ukraine is leaving the country for working abroad and not many are coming back. Why? Because if Ukrainian labor immigrant goes, for example, to Poland, he starts working there and keeps some sum of money. In lets say, 5 years or even less he is able to buy an apartment in Ukraine, but for what? To come back to Poland again? So he / she decides to buy an apartment in Poland, because the prices does not differ that much, but he / she can live in secure and much more developed country of European Union.

The popularity of overseas men among Ukrainian women is confirmed by experts working in marriage agencies. According to their estimates, the number of marriages with foreigners over the past five years has increased by at least twice, and the number of appeals from Ukrainian women to international connections has increased by at least five times. In addition, if earlier with the help of agencies mostly quite young girls of model appearance were looking for a wealthy patron overseas, now this trend has changed towards women at the age 35-50 years old, especially these who have young children from previous marriages.

Are Ukrainian women trying to marry foreigner in 2019

Foreing men appreciate family attitude and ability and sincere desire of Ukrainian women to build family nest – such demand for traditional family values is very actual among many men from West. That is why the situation also has changed here. If earlier Western men were looking for mostly young model look Ukrainian girls with no children and not previously engaged in marriage, now these factors do not really matter and men are just looking for sincere and loving woman from Ukraine who is willing to build the family.

Polish trend. We call it exactly like this. If you want to find nice Ukrainian woman, hard working, the one who is not afraid of family responsibilities, go to Poland and do this search in Poland. We are seriously recommend to make your search in Poland, because huge majority of Ukrainian women went for Poland in search of work and they are working and living there. Some of them are coming back to Ukraine periodically and some left here for permanent living. They have already left their homeland for better life in new country, so they might do it once more if they meet appropriate candidate from West (maybe YOU??). If to draw this in figures – about 3 to 4 million Ukrainians live in Poland in 2019 and among them at least 1 million of Ukrainian women. Some of them are already married or came to Poland with husband or boyfriend, but there are many young and not young single Ukrainian women in Poland who are not against to find some serious man for relationship. Some of them as the result are getting married to local Polish guys, and as foreigner from, for example, the US or Scandinavia, you might have competitive advantage. If to mention figures again – quantity of Ukrainian women in Poland is equal to THE WHOLE population of Hungary, Estonia or Slovakia, so it might be reasonable to visit Poland and give it a try, how do you think? Of course, it is only theory, but an interesting one and I guess not mentioned anywhere on the Internet before, so you have got new idea to try.

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