Are there any nice places to spend dating time in Bolivia?

Dating time is always very special and exiting in life of both – man and woman. But it comes to the fact that the more you are getting used to your girl the more trivial and boring your common life becomes unless… you become inventive and propose your dating scenario. Surprise your girl and make your dating time memorable. If you have girlfriend from Bolivia it means you are going to spend some time in Bolivia or maybe you decide to move to this country even for permanent living – who knows, right? In this case you have great possibility to make your dating time in Bolivia memorable. Or… you just start dating pretty Bolivian girl and taking into consideration Bolivia is one of the poorest countries in the world you may make your Bolivian girlfriend great surprise by organizing for her Bolivian trip to the places where she has never been before even though she is from Bolivia. So, what great places for spending dating time offers Bolivia?

Bolivia is sometimes called “American Tibet” as it is the highest and the most isolated out of Latin American countries, known for its ancient traditions and numerous monuments of the disappeared civilizations of the pre-Columbian era. Here are located one of the most famous natural attractions of the entire South American continent – the Amazon River basin and Lake Titicaca, the highest of all navigable waterways in the world, and the crosses of Bolivia Andes – the second highest mountain range and the longest mountain chain on the planet. Any of this places could be visited by you during Bolivian date. Titicaca lake could be a great choice if you are not sure where else to go. The city of Copacabana which is on the lake shore is great for visiting different festivals and spending great time together.

La Paz is the highest mountain capital city in the world situated at an altitude of 4-4.5 thousand meters above sea level, in a canyon resembling a lunar crater. Equally interesting are its ancient history and architecture of the city: the magnificent San Francisco church of the 16th century, combining Métis architecture and Spanish style; the Costumbrist-Juan de Vargas Museum with magnificent city dioramas and the Museum de Metales-Presiosos-Pre-Columbinos, silver, gold and copper products of the pre-Spanish period.

One more city to visit in Bolivia with your girl is Sucre, known also as the “City of Four Names”, is also called La Plata, Charkas and Chuquisaca. Founded in 1500 by Spanish colonists, it accommodates almost the largest number of attractions in Bolivia. The most significant of them, in addition to the chic areas with structures in the Old Spanish style is the building of La Casa de la Libertad, where Simon Bolivar wrote the Bolivian Constitution, and the National Library of Bolivia, which keeps the documents of the 16th century.

One more fascinating place to visit with your Bolivian girl in Bolivia is Oruro. It is the site of the famous Carnaval de Oruro, one of the most important folklore and cultural events in South America. Its main difference from the carnival in Rio, where every year a new theme is chosen is the tradition: for centuries the carnival in Oruro begins with the dance “diablada” or the “devil”.

In a series of natural attractions of Bolivia, it is worth to take your girlfriend to the Lunar Valley which is only 11 km from the capital, the impressive labyrinth of canyons and cliffs, and the Zongo Valley which is 50 km north of La Paz, which contains ice caves, turquoise lakes and the peak of Wyyana Potosi. To the west is the historical center of Tiwanaku, the cradle of the civilization of the Aymara Indians, with the richest archaeological excavations.

If you want romantic love atmosphere during the date in Bolivia visit The Salar de Uyuni but better after the rain. This place is especially beautiful after the rain, when the salt-filled salt plates look like a mirror reflecting the sky. Dried-up salt lake of Uyuni has area of 400 square miles and was formed from a prehistoric lake. On this territory lake can be traveled by jeep, and then spend the night in a salt hotel, admiring its lagoons. What a great idea for great date in Bolivia, ha?

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