Are Serbian women leaving their country eagerly for abroad fiancé?

Serbian women often leave their country not for abroad fiancé but for abroad finances. This is big difference as you can see, but sometimes there is something in common between two these things. As Serbia has pretty low salaries, many inhabitants of Serbian cities and villages are trying to find financial happiness abroad. Some go abroad as labor migrants just for seasonal work and some are willing to stay abroad for the rest of their life. Among these labor migrants who often choose Western European countries, you may find Serbian girls. Some percentage of these girls would find local man who is going to be her boyfriend and then her husband. No surprise that British, Irish, German, Scandinavian and other men are happy to be with Serbian woman, because of her Slavic prettiness, femininity and family oriented position.

But there are some women from Serbia whose aim is not work abroad, but finding foreign husband whom they would like to use for financial stability, for living life they want to, for traveling, for buying luxury things and for preparing good start and good life for their children. Such type is well known, but this type of girls is worldwide and depends on upbringing, social standards girl lived in and many other factors, but has nothing in common with particular nationality. Are there many of such girls in Serbia? No. But often human beings decide to remember all the worst and that is why if only few such girls were under attention in some media than Americans think Serbia is good country to look for this type of women who are ready to exchange their beauty into financially stable life. This is not true. Most of Serbian girls are descent girls, intelligent, well educated and they are dreaming about happy relations with beloved man, but not about foreign fiancé who will come and take them to paradise. Of course, there are some girls like that in Serbia as well, but this ‘movement’ is not a rule of behavior of average Serbian woman.

Some Serbian girls leave their country with the natural flow of world labor migration. In Europe it is popular to go from East to West as usually the more West, the higher earnings are. And Serbia is not an exception. There is some percentage of girls who stay in the USA or any other country for permanent living by marriage with U.S. citizen. But to be objective, amount of these Serbian women is still pretty low to say most of them are willing to move abroad. Such tendency could be possible, but as for now it is not true.

If you hope to find Serbian girl just by the fact that you are American, for example, and she would like to use the chance and marry you just to get citizenship you may try. I am not saying this is not real. Your citizenship and money would attract some of Serbian girls for sure, no doubts, but in the final result such Serbian girl is marrying country, not you and also she is dating America, dating Australia, not you. Would you be ok with this fact? If yes, then go ahead. But I warn you and ask you once more: do NOT think ALL girls in Serbia are like it is described in this paragraph. Treat women with respect and your plans would become truth.

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