How are Serbian women about dating foreigners?

If by meaning “dating” you sometimes mean attitude of Serbian women to so called one night stand thing than the answer is – NO. Not in case with Serbian woman in general. Because by easy going you could also imply open person, who easily goes for the new contacts with new people, friends, is positive and often optimistic – such people fill you with positive energy and after communication with them you feel awake and full of strength ready to act, to create, to live. If you mean these qualities of Serbian women, than the answer is YES. But by such open optimistic people as I described we often used to see active and energetic girls with so called choleric type of temperament. Serbian girls are little different, they are modest and in some way even shy, especially when it is going about communication with foreigners. Many are especially shy because of their not good level of English and so prefer rather not to communicate with you. Serbian women are very mysterious and pure.

Dating is not just fun time for Serbian girl; this is the first step for serious long lasting relations, preferably such relations that would lead to the marriage crown. If you hope to have fun at the date with Serbian girl, to buy some drink in the restaurant and then to spend a night with girl – forget about this. I am not saying this is impossible, but this is impossible with descent Serbian girl for sure. Many Serbian girls are raised in Orthodox Christian families where religious values are quite strong, despite the fact that youth does not really visit church nowadays, but still this has positive impact at the morality of Serbian girls. Serbian girls and Serbian feminine culture is family oriented and if you hope for quick fun, you choose wrong country. Read also: Serbian woman gets perfect match to be American wife

As you see, this is not the fish you are going to catch and it is better for you to visit another river. What a wisdom in this words – and immodesty of the author. Unlike Serbian women, who could be called rather modest, shy, conservative and with traditional overlook at life and values, this is vivid even among youth, although it is changing more fast in big cities, but I am not sure it is for better, more probably it is not. What “easy goingness” you are talking about when it is going about such pure and modest girls? I like Serbian women the way they are and many other people have the same opinion. Serbian girls are created for the family life, but not for quick time romantic affairs. Read also: Differences of Serbian and American women

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