Are Romanian women different from their colleagues from West?

Is it truth than Romanian women are better than Western women and that is why men prefer them as girlfriends, brides and prefer them at all? If that statement about such a great Romanian girls is truth than they should be on the top search in the world and women from rich West should not be popular at all? It is also not really truth, because women of West could find themselves men from their country and men from other much more poor countries who would like to get citizenship in such a way. Also it is believed that prosperous and self-sufficient men from West can easily find himself pretty girlfriend or wife among his compatriots and only Western losers are trying to find a girl among Romanians or any other Eastern European countries. I would say the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Many women from Romania are sufficient enough to be picked as girlfriend or even as a wife. Everything here is simple as five, as men would like to have pretty girl near, this show his status and makes him feel self-confident. It does not matter which nationality the girl is, she has to be pretty to be a subject of envy sights of random pedestrians. Romanian girls would fit here perfectly as such spouses.

How come Romanian women are so different from Western ones that Western men would rather choose them than girls from their own country; it means Romanian girls should have some special features that profitably distinguishes them from others; or maybe there are nothing so special about Romanian girls and they are chosen only because they are pretty? Answers to those questions we are going to find today in the following article. Maybe it is going about some sexual pleasure? Yes, it is partially truth, as every man would like to have pretty girl in a good shape in his bed. We have already found two pluses Romanian women have over western women and they are somehow connected with beauty and similar visual stuff, but there are other pluses of Romanian women and we are going to talk about them further.

Romanian women live in EU and have already got some emancipate skills of behavior from their western feminist colleagues, but still this degree of emancipation, lets call it like that, is still not that high and that attracts American, British, Australian men in Romanian women. They give him such a needed feeling of family and cozy home atmosphere, unlike western world that is so quick, hard and harsh. Coming back home after work tired men needs some rest and home atmosphere to renew his abilities for the next urban fight and work fight tomorrow and Romanian wife or girlfriend is the one who is able to provide western man with that feeling; of course, not always this feeling is sincere, but man often is ready to live in a family where he knows it is all faked, but the atmosphere and little world he could escape to after work is more important. Romanian women know they are pretty and take it for granted, they like when men pay attention on them, because actually it is because of men they are trying to look so good, to dress up so well, to use make up, to go visit fashion stores, to go to the style salons and so on. Romanian women like when men say they are pretty, trying to fight for their attention, such unusual archaic things for modern western citizen.

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Romania is not as poor as you might think, but women of this country are trying to settle abroad just simply to live better, to earn more for the same job they did at home; they are trying to give birth to the child in a better country and that is why they are leaving Romania. I would not say they are big patriots of Romania, they are rather cosmopolites as many modern people and because of that are trying to live in a better world, where they are more protected and much surer in the day of tomorrow. It is not like in some very poor counties when girl goes abroad just to survive and to escape from the poverty. Romanian girls are pickier in their choice of men and they are trying to choose the best candidate out of all possible as it is a part of their congenital strategy. With their EU passports and average earnings Romanian girls are able to visit almost every country of the world without any visa or some other permission; they use this to go working abroad and after going abroad for work they start their “hunt” for rich foreign men, using their unique stunning beauty. Because Romanian girls are picky, this only attracts western men more and more as they are like inaccessible but so wanted fruit and men try to conquer them. If to say many relations of, lets say, American men and Romanian women are faked, because Romanian women use them, it is not always truth. Some Romanian women use their men, some men know this but still they accept this, but there are many positive examples when beloved couples consist of Romanian woman and American man are happy in love and common life.

In conclusion I will sum up and say Romanian girls are so adorable and needed by men from west because they are pretty, picky and tease for more by that, have hot temperament and are good in bed, like to create happy family, take a lot but are giving at the same time, are not as much emancipated, are accessible in many parts of the world because of EU citizenship and are eager to explore new as they have European way of thinking.

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