Are Lithuanian young women under expansion of Americans eager to find pretty girls?

To be honest many American men are visiting or have a plan to visit Lithuania with the only aim. No, they are not interested in cultural heritage of Lithuania the same as hardly ever they are buying ticket to Lithuania to visit national museums of this Baltic country. They are interested in something more prosaic and exciting – they want to get acquainted with Lithuanian women. High chances you are one of them if you are reading this text. Let us find out what is going on, why Lithuanian women seem so attractive to American men and why exactly Lithuania but not some other country?

We are going to start in reverse order with question “Why Lithuania?”. To most of average Americans Eastern Europe is the territory somewhere close to Russia known as the land of severe cold, hard liquor and pretty women. So, there used to be no principle difference between any Eastern European county to visit… until now. Americans become more picky and are looking for less known until now destinations. They are looking for more exotic girls and also have other reasons to visit exactly Lithuania. Such popular countries in Eastern Europe as Ukraine, Russia, Moldova or Belarus give a chance to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia. And there are objective reasons. Russia seems spooky and weird, known with aggressive attitude to Americans and Russian girls become picky as hell, trying to use every possibility to take every single cent out of your pocket. Ukraine used to be ok, but many are afraid to visit the country because they have heard about war on the East of the country and although it is safe and secure in Ukraine many American men still prefer to choose other destinations. Many Americans have already visited Ukraine and they liked it very much here, but they would like to open their horizons wider and try some more of something else. Moldova… Where is Moldova? Many Americans find it very hard to find this small and poorest country in Eastern Europe, but this is big mistake, because women of Moldova are extremely gorgeous and… quite accessible, if to believe the words of many tourists. As for Belarus, this country is well known by easy access girls and known as sex tourists Paradise of Eastern Europe, but American men more often are looking not girls for one night stand, but those who share traditional family values and along with financial sponsorship of American man who would like to create family. Now we know that Lithuanian women attract Americans by possibility of family creation on the base of traditional family values, where man is formal head of the family and woman is keeper of the home castle where she is actually ‘a neck’. Such hard to find in nowadays America things Americans find in Lithuania.

One more reason why Americans choose exactly Lithuania is grounded on healthy mind, security issues and easy getting to this country. The thing is that Lithuania is a member of European Union and guarantees all the rights and freedoms. Easy to plan plane routs via Europe, among them some very cheap could be found. Not much problems with understanding and communication because young generation speaks pretty descent English unlike most of the girls in Ukraine or Moldova, for example. Easy access to other European countries if you are bored in Lithuania or want to explore some other countries of the region. But still the main reason why Americans eagerly visit Lithuania is its beautiful women, who are also known by their warm family attitude, Christian values, moral upbringing and clear life goals where family is more important than career. Actually, low level of emancipation attracts American men like light attracts butterflies at night… or… as flies like to… whatever.

What about Lithuanian women? Are they happy with such expansion of Americans and other foreign guests to their country? Let’s find this out. Most of them are not. Because most of foreigners treat themselves like animals with total lack of moral principles. For some reasons they think if they have few times bigger income than average Lithuanian citizen they can buy here everything, including women. Come on, guys, let’s face the truth. Most of Lithuanian girls are pretty descent individuals and they are not even thinking about relations with foreigner, I mean long term relations and not even talking about one night stand or some of this type of things. Yes, they want to live prosperous life, dream to be rich, but it does not mean they are ready to start building relations with foreigner they suddenly met on the street. Many Lithuanian women have negative attitude to foreign men because of behavior of these foreigners on the streets, in the stores, in bars – they let themselves too much, offending Lithuanian women by offering them sex, sex for money, and other immoral to intelligent European girl things as if all the girls in Lithuania were prostitutes. Such behavior creates problems for those few Americans who visited Lithuania in search of bride. I am not telling all Lithuanian girls are holly naivety and all Americans are predictable immoral bastards. There are always exceptions and every person should be treated first of all by personal qualities, but not by national belonging.

What should descent American guy who came to Lithuania in search of future wife do?

1) Don’t forget you are human being; hold your animal instincts and treat people as you would like them treat you.

2) Get socialized in Lithuania by living in the country for a period of few months, find Lithuanian friends. Good way to do that is to find a place where you could give lessons of English as the native speaker.

3) Visit different places, including cultural ones, but not only bars and clubs, get acquainted with girls, start conversation. When you are socializing you will surely find some good girls who could be your option for Lithuanian girlfriend and maybe for future wife.

4) If you found Lithuanian girl you like and you feel the sympathy is mutual start to act. Ask her for the walk, for coffee or on the skating rink. Buy her flowers. Be romantic. Be yourself, don’t pretend. Be the leader, show her you are reliable, you have plans for life and realizing them step by step.

5) Lithuanian girls would never be with the guy who goes with the flow, who has no aim – even if he has money.

6) Try to be initiative. Your words should be realized into actions and converted into real deeds; otherwise you have no chances for long time relations with Lithuanian girl.

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Aivaras Kukaikus

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