Are Lithuanian women good enough to become a wife of American?

It sounds like American men are so great and so good that everyone is not just dreaming to be with American man but has to deserve such a possibility. If some say those are American men who has built such a country that now almost everyone in the world would like to get citizenship of it I would disagree this is merit of American men only. This all happened also thanks to American women, who also made their impact in development of prosperous America not only by supporting their men, but making their huge impact on the formation of America we see now.

How come we are discussing Lithuanian women in this article? Actually, I am against someone’s superiority in this world and it often seems like American men feel they are the kings of the world everywhere and if they are rich enough to afford themselves a lot they think it is the same with women all over the world and in Lithuania in particular. Lithuanian women often complain about foreign men who show disrespect to them on the street, in the stores, cafes and everywhere they see pretty Lithuanian girl they make rude explicit proposals as if all the women of the country were whores. Such flow of things offends Lithuanian women and we can understand why. Read also: Characteristics of typical Lithuanian woman

Only by such selfish question as “Are Lithuanian women good enough” for American and then goes… to marry… to date… to live… and other verbs. What else is it like not hidden discrimination? Why American men think they are somewhere on the top and the rest of the world is somewhere down. The times of the kings has passed by long time ago, but some men still treat themselves to be a kings, especially in the countries with lower average income that in their home country and some American men are good examples of such typical foreign representative.

So, as for me, it is better to rephrase and ask: are American men good enough to deserve being husbands of Lithuanian women. That would be fair enough, because Lithuanian women are gorgeous in everything. They are extremely naturally pretty – face, figure, hair. They are intelligent, kind. They know how to deal with household and are perfect in terms of being a housewife. They love kids and adore to spend time upbringing them. They deal with money, family expenses; buy clothes for all the family and look after the family in order to keep the house clean, clothes fresh and t-shirt of the husband to be ironed and ready for his meeting. Lithuanian wives are passionate lovers in bed and would not live any men ignorant, but those are they who choose but not the chosen ones. Yes, Lithuanian women are great wives, but now you have to think are you good enough to become their husband? What kind of person you are and what can you offer except for money and citizenship? Can you be good enough to interest a woman in any country without all those things? I leave this question open and this is only you who can sincerely answer it. Read also: Lithuanian girlfriend – unrestrained desire for American man

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Aivaras Kukaikus

Aivaras Kukaikus is generous guy who is always ready to share his experience and thoughts with readers who are interested in topics of dating, marriage and just admiring gorgeous Baltic women. Although not everyone is agree with his points he expresses in his articles, Aivaras is sure that every opinion has right to exist to keep the belence in the Universe and he's also sure his subjective opinion might be great source of inspiration for other people.

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