Are Icelandic brides good candidates for becoming wife of American man?

Icelandic women are known to be the most feminist and emancipated in the entire world, just close to other feminist countries like Sweden and Norway and in terms of this American woman could seem angel. In terms of emancipation from which American men are trying to escape Icelandic girl is not a good candidate for wife. But does it mean all Icelandic women prefer to live without men? Of course, no. The same way it does not mean that Icelandic women are bad candidates for wife for Americans.

Americans and Icelanders have many in common. Actually, American culture deeply influenced Iceland and that is why there is much in common between Americans and Icelanders, read: between American man and Icelandic woman. That is why they have good chances to be a couple and get married. They both have good income what is also important as the marriage is based on mutual interest rather than on some materialistic grounds.

Icelandic women love to get acquainted to foreign men as they bring a stream of fresh air, they make feel more alive. Actually, it is proven by science and even everyday observations that both – women and men are prone to choose rather foreigner for partner than local; it is explained by the theory that when joining together combination of genes makes more unique and progeny gets stronger, smarter etc – everything that helps the species to survive. In terms of Iceland at first this is just an interest of local Icelandic women to foreign tourists, but within the time in may be transferred into strong relationships.

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