Are Guyanese women eager to leave Guyana and use marriage with foreigner for this?

According to the statistics although Guyana is reach in natural resources its economy shows very poor results and most of the people are struggling to survive. It is natural that some Guyanese women decide to move to another country with highly developed economy. Most of Guyanese women according to surveys would move to the United States and it is understandable because in Guyana most of the population speak English. There is also age group of Guyanese women who would like to move to the UK and this is also well understandable as Guyana is former British colony and something ties its people with the UK more than with the rest of English speaking world.

The other reason why Guyanese youth including girls and guys would like to move abroad is high level of corruption in the country. People just don’t see the future in their home country, or it would be more correct to say do not see descent future for themselves.

One more reason Guyanese women choose to move abroad is that Guyana is pretty small country and it has population about 800 thousand people. It is quite small society and it is normal that people, especially youth, would like to see the rest of the world. Some of them like being abroad much more than at home and that is why choose to stay in foreign county for permanent living. Some choose to stay because of work, some stay because they like the place and culture and some find their love and get married in the States, in the U.K. or in Australia.

Is it true that Guyanese women choose foreigners for husbands to escape Guyana? Maybe some of them do so for sure, but there is no official statistics and also there is no massive movement so it would be visible or that it was a lot written about it on the Internet or in press. If you are interested in marriage Guyanese girl and looking for such information than you definitely have a chance. At least because you are from foreign country and marriage with you might give her better perspectives for future and also you are interesting, exotic, fresh person for her considering that Guyana is pretty small community and pretty small country. So yes, you definitely have a chance for marriage with Guyanese woman, but for this you have to get acquainted with Guyanese girl and maybe visit Guyana.

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