Are Estonian women eager to leave their country for abroad?

Quite interesting, but still very general question which mostly ask men from the United States and the United Kingdom if they are looking for reliable partner in common family life where feminine wife would share traditional family values and besides would be enjoyment for husband’s eye because of her gorgeous appearance. So now let us getting closer to the point and finally find out whether Estonian women are eager to leave everything, including family, friends and life in own comfort zone and move away, for example, to the United Kingdom for permanent living.

As I have said before, the question is quite complicated because it has multiple answers. Some of Estonian girls dream about living in Western countries and some are only thinking about spending particular life period abroad and then moving home. There are such girls from Estonia who prefer to stay in their home country. It also depends on the age of woman where younger are leaving country more eager and easily and older are not so open to such serious life changes but at the same time younger are career oriented and focused on themselves when older Estonian women are still more adjust to traditional family values, although it all depends and there is no some clear direction or answer.

If to judge according to statistics, vast majority of young Estonian girls still leave their country and never come back home. This is especially vivid in small towns and cities, where predominantly live old people who are retired and kids whose parents have left abroad for work. The reason for such trend where Estonians move abroad is economic situation where salaries in Estonia are still lower than in highly developed European countries like Germany, Sweden or Ireland.

If you are looking whether Estonian girl would move with you to your home country, it depends on your mutual feelings, how strong she loves you and on the county, of course; because if you are from Africa, it would be hard and vice verse if you are from the U.S., for example, it would be easier. But actually you never know and it is very personal in every case depending on the girl, her upbringing, her social status, her material situation and many other criteria. In any case, you never know until you try.

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