Are Estonian women eager to be with foreign men?

The fact that Estonian women are easy when it is going about foreigners pisses Estonian women off. And it is not surprising as this is deeply discussed issue in foreign forums where men to choose which country to go start their “hunt”. As a small country and according to the fact it is in European Union European men often choose this destination as the most suitable for parameters pretty girls/safe country. One more plus is for easy to reach destination.

Why many Estonian women seem rude to foreign tourists? Because many foreigners who come to Estonia think that women here are easily accessible and are just dreaming about foreign guy who will come here to pick her up. It is quite not truth and such attitude offends many Estonian women. Many foreign tourists show no respect to women of the country at all, offering “to go with him” even on the street when the girl is just going home or at work.

Foreigners who come to Estonia not only often do not show respect to women, but also behave themselves as rich conquistadors or invaders who came to take what they want and they have no shame it is 21st century on the street and that they were born in democratically based society. It just seems they have no moral principles at all and believe to buy everything, including women and their attention. And way back home such moral freak will be exemplary family man! Oh, this is disgusting. Read also: Characteristics of typical Estonian woman

I would like to appeal to all foreign men who read this in hope to find some tips about approaching Estonian women. When you come to Estonia, visit appropriate place where you like to find so called easy love! Do not stick to us (Estonian women) on the street with indecent proposals. If you do, imagine you are at your home country and this is your daughter, sister or wife. Most of women in Estonia DO NOT dream about even marriage with foreigner and I’m not talking about other types of relations as dating or one night stand. Estonian women prefer men of their culture. If marriages between Estonian women and foreign men take place, it does not mean they are so widespread; in general there are not more than 3% of mixed marriages out of all marriages in Estonia.

I would not say all Estonian women are extremely moral and stuff like that. It is just about things that in every country there are women who like affairs and quick relations and those who don’t like. But it is false to assume that visiting some particular country every woman will jump into your embraces only because you are foreigner or because you are rich. There are easy woman in every country and in your country as well and if you would like to visit Estonian only for this, there is no need; because you may find them way back home or you will be disappointed by Estonia. Read also: Dating Estonian girl – what tips you have to know

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